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Installation method of inner floating curtain track

by:Pacific     2020-03-08
First of all, before installing the curtain guide rail, we should draw lines on the wall to measure the fixed hole spacing and the curtain guide rail size of the curtain. Correct the fixing piece used to connect the wall to the curtain and connect the rod or line to the fixing part. Both ends should be at the same height. Window curtain guide rails are divided into single or double curtain guide rails. The installation of different curtain guide rails is actually related to the width of the window. However, my home is a standard curtain Guide (Double track) , Measured the double curtain rails and rods, found that its width is 15 CM, plus the double top size is also quite wide. Monorail curtains are much smaller in size. The common top size is 43mm * 21mm, but the top size is different between different materials. Should be purchased according to actual conditions. In addition, it should be noted that when the window width is greater than 1200, in order to prevent the stress area from being uniform, the method of disconnecting the track should be adopted. When disconnected, the bending should be staggered and the lap length should not be less than 200. The installation of the inner curtain guide rail also has a difference between light and shade. For different installation methods, curtain guide rail installation also has different sequence. This means that curtain boxes are usually curtain rails and rods. The dark curtain box shall be the curtain guide rail. If the curtain guide rail is made of metal, in order to better carry, please add screws in the middle to reinforce. In addition, if the curtain to be installed is too heavy, the hole spacing needs to be reduced and reinforced with wood screws. The size of the selected wood screw shall not be less than 30mm. Install the lifting clamp, rotate the clamp 90 degrees and connect with the curtain guide rail, knock the expansion pipe into the wall, then screw the expansion screw into the expansion pipe and tighten it. There are different styles of indoor curtains and different styles. It is best to install floor curtains or curtains hanging on the table. When installing the curtain guide rail, please keep the width of the window sill to prevent the curtain from being blocked by the window sill when hanging. Not good-looking. However, some people say that the inner curtain is easy to stick to the ash. Here, I will teach you a little skill. You can use a vacuum cleaner when cleaning. In terms of appearance, built-in curtains are more beautiful than hanging curtains. With this curtain, you usually read tatami and books on it, which is a family highlight.
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