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Installation of curtain guide rail

by:Pacific     2020-02-28
I believe most people have installed curtains at home. Curtains are a sunshade product. When installing curtains, you need to install curtain rails. Do you know what curtain rails and rods are? Curtain guide rails are used to install curtains. At present, most curtain guide rails on the market are made of metal. Let's take a look at the installation of curtain guide rails. 1. The first wallpaper or the first guide rail? The customer requires the guide rail to be installed first: the general owner will think that the guide rail should be installed first. If you put the wallpaper first, then the guide rail, when you install the guide rail, there will be a lot of dust and the wallpaper will be dirty. In addition, it is difficult to repair for fear of installing the wrong hole. If the wallpaper is not installed when the guide rail is installed, the wallpaper can cover the wrong hole well without affecting the appearance of the wall. Suggestion: you should paste wallpaper first. Because if you install the guide rail for the first time, it will be difficult to stick to the base of the guide rail or the wallpaper of the card code, or it will be a small piece of wallpaper, or there will be a big gap. Therefore, it is best to remind customers to put the wallpaper in first. 2. Do you need to lay wooden floor before installing the guide rail? It is best to wait until the customer's wood floor is laid, and then we will install the guide rail, because the size of the previous quantity may be due to the fact that the floor is not laid and the actual finished product size is a little different, this will reduce the curtain by a few centimeters or a few centimeters, resulting in a return. After the wood floor is laid, the guide rail will be installed and the installer will readjust the size to avoid mistakes. As long as protective measures are taken, the owner is not afraid to hang wood floors. 3. Wait for the customer to install the mosquito net and then install the guide rail? No need. If the curtain is installed on the frame, the mosquito net does not need to be considered because the screen is installed in the frame. If curtains are installed in the inner frame, mosquito nets must be considered. If you want to install the mosquito net, you do not need to wait for the rail to be installed. We can keep the position of the mosquito net when installing the guide rail. The installation of mosquito nets will not be affected in the future. 4. Durable aluminum alloy guide rails are required for curtain rails and rods installation. Whether the curtain rails and rods is strong and durable depends mainly on whether the aluminum alloy of the guide rail is thick and dense. Usually good aluminum alloy guide rails are thicker and harder. The price is relatively expensive. But this rail is not easy to break and durable. If you choose a cheaper guide rail, the curtains often fall off and it is very troublesome to repair them often. 5. When installing the guide rail, accurate measurement and positioning are required. When installing the guide rail, it must be accurately positioned, find the positioning method, set the position, draw the line, and then drill the hole. When punching, be careful not to make dust around the house. It is best to use something. The above is the suggestion of the curtain guide manufacturer. There are also many colors and types of curtain rails. When choosing the curtain guide style, you must choose according to the style of home decoration and the choice of curtains. Different styles of curtains have different styles of curtain rails and rods, so be sure to pair them. When we choose curtain rails and rods, we cannot choose according to the price. We should choose according to the style of the curtain, otherwise it will be very strange, but friends who are financially nervous can also choose some low prices.
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