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Installation Standard for curtain boxes, rods and curtain tracks

by:Pacific     2020-02-21
I believe there are many visitors who buy curtain rods, but I believe there are still few small ones installed by myself. If you want to install them, what tools and how do you need to install them? The following is a small series to share with you the installation standards of curtain boxes, curtain rods and curtain tracks. Construction preparation: 1. Materials and components: 1. Curtain boxes are made on site with 18mm blockboard, the moisture content of blockboard is not more than 12%, and there is no crack, distortion and other phenomena; 2. Hardware accessories: hardware accessories are selected according to the design, such as curtain rails, rail plugs, rail cards, large corners, small corners, rollers, wood screws, machine screws, iron parts, etc. 3. Metal curtain rod: Generally, the drawing number, specification and structural form are specified by the design. Second, the operating conditions: 1, there is a room with a dark curtain box, the ceiling construction should be carried out at the same time as the curtain box installation. 2. Installation of curtain rails and rods and curtain rods to be installed after the paint project is completed. Operation process: 3. Process flow: positioning and marking → On-site processing of curtain box wood products → Verification of processed products → installation of curtain box (Rod) 1. Positioning and marking: when installing curtain boxes and curtain rods, center positioning shall be carried out according to the position and elevation required by the design drawings, and the structural relations such as finding flat lines and window and mirror lines shall be found. 2. Make wooden curtain boxes with fine panels and apply fireproof paint. 3. Check the processed products: Check whether the varieties, specifications and assembly structures of the processed curtain boxes on site meet the design and installation requirements. Fourth, the curtain box (Rod, rail) Installation: 1. Install the curtain box: first determine the elevation according to the flat line, draw the center line of the curtain box, align the center line of the curtain box with the center line of the window during installation, stick the Wall Part of the box tightly, and fix the method according to the design requirements. 2. Installation of curtain rails and rods: This project is a concealed curtain box. The concealed curtain box should be installed with a track. When the curtain is heavy, the small corners of the track should be encrypted and the wood screw size should not be less. The track should be kept in a straight line. 3. Curtain rod installation: Correct the connection fixture, install the rod or tighten the wire on the fixture. Be flat and consistent with the room elevation. Five, the main control project 1, the material and specifications of the materials used in the manufacture and installation of curtain boxes, the combustion performance grade and moisture content of wood shall conform to the design requirements and the relevant provisions of the current national standards. 2. The shape, specification, size, installation position and fixing method of the curtain box must meet the design requirements. The curtain box must be installed firmly. 3. The varieties and specifications of curtain box accessories shall meet the design requirements, and the installation shall be firm. Six, general items 1, curtain box surface should be flat, clean, straight lines, tight joints, consistent color, no cracks, warping and damage ring. 2. The connection between the curtain box and the wall surface and window frame shall be tight, and the sealant seam shall be straight and smooth. 3. The allowable deviation and inspection method for curtain box installation shall conform to table 12 of 'code for acceptance of construction quality of building Decoration Engineering. 3. Provisions of 8: levelness: 2mm. Straightness: 3mm, length difference between two ends and window: 2mm; Thickness difference between two ends of the wall: 3mm. Seven, should pay attention to the quality problems: 1, curtain box installation is uneven, not correct: mainly to find the position, the size line is not serious; The installation of embedded parts is not allowed and the adjustment is not handled properly. Make the line accurate before installation, and the installation gauge must make the elevation consistent and the center line accurate. 2. The length of the extension at both ends of the curtain box is inconsistent: it is mainly caused by the relative accuracy between the center of the window and the center of the curtain box, and the operation is not serious. The size should be checked during installation so that the extension lengths at both ends are the same. 3, the curtain track off: most of the cover is too thin or the screw is loose. For a cover plate as thin as 15mm, the curtain rail shall be fixed with machine screws. 4, the curtain box facing the panel distortion: the wood is not dry well during processing, and the storage is damp after entering the market. The installation should be painted in time. The above seven points are the installation standards for curtain boxes, curtain rods and curtain tracks. If necessary, you can also find a professional installer to install them for you.
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