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Installation steps of curtain guide rail

by:Pacific     2020-02-27
In every family, curtains are installed, usually in the style of guide rails. This method is simple and convenient, but it is a little troublesome to start installing the guide rail. installation, some people do not know how to install, no, friends and Xiaobian look at the specific installation steps. 1. Line positioning, taking into account the robustness, to avoid the firmware too large spacing can not withstand the tension, so first measure the required installation size guide rail, and then calculate the fixed hole distance, generally the distance between the fixed parts is not more than 50 cm, then draw the line positioning, the success or failure of the curtain guide rail installation lies in the accuracy of positioning. 2. Installing firmware, generally installing fixtures requires adding expansion threads on the roof or cement wall. 3. Through the pulley, when the window width is greater than 1200mm, the curtain guide rail should be disconnected, the fracture at the fracture is staggered, the bending should be flat, and the overlapping length should be greater than 200mm. The number of pulleys should be related to the length of the guide rail. In general, the 1-meter-long guide rail is equipped with 7 pulleys to ensure uniform stress of the curtain after installation. 4. After the guide rail is installed with the pulley, in order to prevent the pulley from rolling out of the guide rail and avoid the sharp corners at both ends of the guide rail, the front end of the window guide rail needs to be sealed with a sealing plug, and then the sealing ring is tightened. 5. Connect to firmware card slot and rail. Insert the curtain guide rail with pulley into the slot of the firmware, then set the lifting clip so that the lifting clip of the guide rail and the firmware is 90 degrees, and tighten the lifting clip with screws, make the lifting clip tightly clamp the curtain rail. At this time, the installation of the curtain guide rail is almost the same. 6. There is also a flexible guide rail. Because some windows are desperate, it is better to use curved tracks. The installation method is basically the same as the previous one, but several brackets are used in the middle, especially for thicker cloth curtains to prevent falling off. In winter, the curved curtain guide should be careful when folding to avoid cracking. 7. If it is a Roman rod installation, first fix the bracket on the top or window, put the curtain ring up, put the curtain rod directly, press it hard, and when you hear the card, press it to install it.
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