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Intelligent electric curtain compared with ordinary curtain which is better?

by:Pacific     2020-06-18
Intelligent curtain must be better than ordinary curtain, the curtain of traditional must manually to switch, a day earlier on night off is quite troublesome, especially the big curtain rod villa or double room, longer, and heavy, it takes a lot of force to switch the curtain, especially not convenient; So in recent years is widely used in remote control electric curtain, senior apartments, as long as gently press the remote control, the curtain is automatically open and close, very convenient; , of course, if the constant force electric intelligent curtain control system can realize the time switch of the curtain, the curtain of scene control, and more advanced control functions, really beautiful scenery make curtains of contemporary household, and let us together to share the secret of how to make the curtain dancing. First, the main working principle of electric curtain is: by a motor to drive the curtain back and forth along the rail movement, this is by controlling the motor is FanZhuanLai. The core of which is the motor, the motor brand on the market now and a lot of more phyletic, but in the end is nothing more than two broad categories: ac motor and dc motor. Second, in order to realize automatic control curtain should choose the curtain controller, the output of the AC220V voltage, can control the ac curtain motor and reversing. Intelligence is the first electric curtain curtain, can use the button or remote control to realize the opening and closing or lifting of the curtain, no longer need to start work. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, electric curtain has been widely used. In ten years ago, electric curtain has entered our country, but there has been no big promotion, these two years, with the constant improvement of the electronic control technology and falling prices, electric curtain hot back again. Constant force electric electric curtain phyletic and various, depending on the operating mechanism and adornment effect, divided into the opening and closing electric curtain series, electric lift curtain series, electric ceiling curtain, electric visor, electric awning series, such as concrete, such as Venetian blinds, shutter, amorous feelings of Roman curtain, curtain, honeycomb curtain, etc. From the form and can be divided into the opening and closing electric curtain, electric shutter, electric Venetian blinds, shutter shading guide rail, etc. In the actual deployment and application, opening and closing electric curtain, electric lift curtain, most valuable use of most people. The curtain of many big brands have electric curtain, mainly composed of opening and closing electric curtain or litre fall shade. Sales staff, opening and closing electric curtain system mainly includes the motor system, control system, rail system, and decorative cloth curtain, etc. , the current drive mode have dc and ac motor system USES two ways. Dc motor with inner or outer power transformer, driving power generally smaller, can load the drape of lighter, smaller noise; Ac motor is suitable for wide, not only the bright window, and is suitable for the arc and irregular Windows, electric curtain with the motor. Although electric curtain has appeared a few years, but the actual purchase customers family or economic ability is strong, such as villa decoration of choice more ordinary families seldom. Electric curtain was among the first to appear intelligent curtain, with the progress of intelligence technology, intelligent function more and more of the curtain. It has a certain regulation, self reaction, control functions of the curtain. Can automatically adjust the light intensity according to the indoor environment balance at room temperature, air humidity, etc. , it is the three major characteristics of intelligent light-control rain, intelligent control, intelligent risk control, etc. At present electric curtain product not only realizes the electric, through infrared, wireless remote control or timing control automation, and use the electronic sensors, such as sunshine, temperature, wind to implement the intelligent of the product. As intelligent curtain gradually improve, the function of the curtain has been more and more, now you have light, sound insulation, energy-saving curtain curtain, curtain stealth curtain, etc. The curtain will have some development in such aspects as saving energy, power generation, perhaps in the near future, the curtain can be used as an energy collection tools, can convert light energy into electrical energy. Intelligence is for the sake of life more convenient, initially as a window and the curtain of privacy but also because of motor of references, more convenient to use. As intelligent household concept gradually thorough popular feeling, electric curtains and even intelligent curtain is more and more accepted by people. Electric curtain product not only realizes the electric, through infrared, wireless remote control or timing control automation, and use of sunlight, temperature, wind electronic sensors, to implement the intelligent of the product.
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