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Is it better to choose a curtain box or a curtain rod?

by:Pacific     2020-02-17
Curtains are decorative elements for indoor decoration and beautification, and they are also important partitions for creating private space. Only when they are properly matched can they create a warm and romantic atmosphere for the living room. So, how to customize the 'curtain' to install, use the curtain box or the curtain rod? This is a difficult problem that many decoration owners are struggling. First, what is the curtain rod? 1. The curtain rod is another form that connects the curtain and the wall. The window railing is made of metal and wood. While hanging the curtain, the texture of the shaft and the head is coordinated with the curtain style, can show different beauty; 2, the curtain rod has a bright rod, a dark Rod, after installation, you can see the color of the shaft and the decorative head is the bright rod; The other is to combine the curtain rod with the curtain box, and hide the curtain rod in the curtain box without revealing the curtain rod itself. Second, what is the curtain box? 1. Curtain box is a kind of curtain hanging method, which usually appears as a whole with ceiling or window frame cover to improve the decorative effect in a coordinated design. 2. According to the different treatment methods, the curtain box has two forms: if the room has a ceiling, the installation of the curtain is hidden in the ceiling and completed at the same time as the top ceiling; If there is no ceiling in the room, the curtain box and the window frame cover are designed as a whole and fixed on the wall above the window. Third, choose a curtain box or a curtain rod? (1) Style matching needs to be unified. 1. It is not difficult to see that in the opening and closing mode of the curtain, the curtain box and the curtain rod have their own tricks: if the curtain box is installed, a track is installed in the curtain box. The track, the part that realizes the sliding of the curtain and the part that contacts the curtain box, together with the curtain box, is covered by the ceiling or the window frame, only revealing the Curtain itself; To hang the curtain with the curtain rod, you need to put a collar on the rod, and slide the opening and closing of the curtain through the collar. The curtain rod and its accessories are part of the interior decoration; 2. In the European style decoration, the window is a decorative fashion that originated from the Renaissance. This kind of Roman-style wave with tassels is integrated with modern design concepts and modern elements, developed a variety of styles such as modern pleated skirts and simple folding, stylish and generous, deeply loved. Considering the owner of the window curtain, it is recommended to use the curtain box to make the window curtain, curtain and ceiling form a unified style. If the curtain rod is selected, the contrast between the ring and the curtain body is light and heavy, and it is slightly abrupt in the solemn European style. 3. If the owner wants to create a small fresh atmosphere in Japan and South Korea, he can choose a combination of light and elegant curtains and curtain rods to decorate a warm and sweet home romance. (2) The size of the space is to install the slide rail in the curtain box, which can be pushed to the wall and can completely cover the entire window. This design is more suitable for the larger space of the room area and the window, achieving good shading can also highlight the atmosphere of the room. For rooms with smaller area, it is too depressing. It is suggested to use curtain rods to visually extend the space and extend the curtain rods to each side of the window by 0. , Can also achieve a good shading effect. The above is how to choose the curtain rod or curtain box for the home decoration cover, I hope to help everyone.
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