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Is Pacific metal wire curtain rod cheap?
"Cheap" is not a key word in Wenzhou Pacific light industry co., LTD.. metal wire curtain rod is not aimed at being cheap, but excellent and affordable. We make sure that the source of raw materials is reliable. This costs a lot. Great investment is made in the development and optimization.

Over the years, Pacific has provided quality cast iron curtain rods for clients. We are a company known for our strong capability in manufacturing and selling. Pacific focuses on providing a variety of curtain rod sets for customers. Designed with novelty and functionality, Pacific 8 inch curtain rod brackets has a clean lines structure which catches up with the market demand of simplicity, and it enjoys great popularities. The product is notable for its outstanding anti-corrosion performance. This product is abrasion resistant. The antistatic agents and softening agents have been blended into its fibers during the material treatment to enhance its capacity to withstand wear and tear. With a firm surface coating, its color is not easy to fade.

A significant progress has been made in our company thanks to the implementation of cafe curtain rod plan. Contact!
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