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Is the curtain better with a Roman rod or a track?

by:Pacific     2020-02-22
When decorating a new house, it is always a long time to choose curtains suitable for your home. No matter what the original intention is, I want to find a suitable person. However, many of our consumers are not sure that the Roman Rod and track are the most suitable. As long as we understand the shortcomings of curtain tracks and Roman rods, we will know which one should be chosen in China. First, the curtain track is actually a rod used to hang curtains, because the track itself is cylindrical and the end is a lifting rod, which is called a track due to ancient Roman architecture. In general, many of the tracks we see are bright poles, so more buckles and rings are used. It is suitable for windows that do not have ceiling curtain boxes ready in advance, so it is not difficult to see that it not only looks good. There will be more choices of various materials and styles. Generally speaking, there are solid wood, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. His disadvantage is that the middle part can only be used as a bracket, and the total length of the rod can only be 3 due to the overall load-bearing effect. 5 m. Too long a rod can easily cause deformation of the shaft. Compared with other rods, the material of the track is expensive. Another disadvantage is that it is not very smooth in the process of drawing the curtain. Second, the Roman Rod Hook is designed for the Roman Rod, called the Roman rod. In this case, we only pull our curtains by sliding between the hook-shaped Roman rods. This type of Rod is also called a dark rod. The disadvantage is that the curtain track is exposed and does not look beautiful, so the curtain box needs to be installed in advance so that the curtain can be installed more. But there are also many advantages: multiple Roman rod movements, not limited to the length of the shaft, affordable, long life. The Roman Rod has strong adaptability and can be used for different curvature according to the shape of the window. All the above advantages and disadvantages, we should wait to know which kind of curtain to choose, I have already decided. We can also choose according to personal preferences and actual conditions. The track is more upscale, but it doesn't seem to fit the decorative style of the home. If you want to compare prices, we can choose Roman rod, which is the most commonly used curtain rod. No matter what, the best choice is the best.
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