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Is the curtain track good or the Roman Rod good?

by:Pacific     2020-02-20
First, the curtain track is a kind of crossbar for hanging curtains. The shaft is cylindrical, and the two sides of the rod are gourd-shaped. It is named after the ancient Roman architecture. Most of the curtain tracks are open poles, usually with rings or buckles. The advantage is that it can be applied to windows that do not have a ceiling curtain box in advance. It is more beautiful and generous when exposed, and plays a certain decorative role, and the material of the curtain track is various, there are solid wood, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and the selectivity is relatively large. The disadvantage is that only one bracket can be placed in the middle. Considering the load-bearing problem, the length of the pole cannot exceed 3. , Because it is too long, the thick curtain is hung up, which makes it easy to bend and deform. Due to the material of the curtain track, it is relatively expensive. In addition, the curtain track is not very smooth. The curtain track is generally a metal or wooden pole. The metal is generally hollow. If it is a particularly long window, the selling pole will cut you into two, the middle can be connected with a special connector, so that it is not too difficult to install and carry. There are many rings on the curtain track, and the two ends are covered with beautiful decorative heads, which is beautiful and generous. Second, the curtain track is suitable for use in the light, and the curtain style is integrated to increase the decorative color. If your home has not had time to make a curtain box, you can hang the curtain track directly, and it is also very generous. However, since all the curtains are hung on this pole, its load-bearing is somewhat insufficient. Curtains like flannel are easy to bend the curtain track. Therefore, its length is also limited, generally not more than 3. 5 meters, families with longer needs are not suitable. Due to the friction problem between the rod body and the hanging ring, the curtain track is not smooth enough to pull, and there are often Karton. Third, the Roman Rod is a kind of curtain that is placed in the Roman rod, and the curtain is pulled by the Roman rod movement of the hook. The Roman Rod is a dark Rod. The advantage is that it can carry out multi-Roman rod movement, so there is no limit on the length, and the price on the market is relatively cheap, more cost-effective, and long service life. If the window has an irregular shape, the Roman rod can be bent to varying degrees according to it. The adaptability is relatively large. The disadvantage is to look at it, so it is more troublesome to leave a curtain box on the ceiling. Dear friends, Xiaobian is here again. The question I discussed with you today is whether the curtain track is good or the Roman rod is good? I believe everyone is very confused about this issue, especially the decoration friends!
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