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Is the curtain with a Roman rod or a track rod?

by:Pacific     2020-02-22
Curtains are widely used in current home decoration, not only for decoration and beautification, but also for dust and shading. What should I choose for the curtain rod? Roman rod or track rod? One. The Roman Rod is a kind of curtain suspension rod. It is horizontal and the rod body is cylindrical. Such a rod is generally buckled or looped, and the ends of the rod are cylindrical. Roman Rod: it has a strong ornamental value, high color value and easy disassembly. Disadvantages: The Roman rods are generally very long, the load-bearing performance is not very good, easy to bend, and the weight of the curtains should be taken into account when using. II. In short, the track rod is called the track rod when the track is installed. This kind of track is generally measured internally and belongs to the dark rod. Advantages: the price of this track rod is affordable for the public, and the pull is smooth. Disadvantages: The track is easily exposed to the outside, affecting its aesthetics, and disassembly is not very convenient. Three. In the home decoration, which kind of pole should be selected should be analyzed according to the specific conditions of the home. Generally speaking, the room is big, it is recommended to choose the Roman Rod, look at the atmosphere, and go up. And the Roman Rod is also more convenient to disassemble, and the cleaning will be easy. The Roman Rod has more shapes and is generally installed on the wall. It is more beautiful to expose. If it is covered, the space needed will be larger. If your home is the following two situations, it is very suitable to choose the Roman Rod: 1. There is neither a ceiling nor a plaster line. 2, the height of the floor, not suitable for the ceiling, not suitable for the installation of gypsum line. When installing the Roman Rod, you must first think that the bearing capacity of the Roman rod is limited. Therefore, since it is decided to install the Roman Rod, the weight of the curtain should be considered when purchasing the curtain.
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