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Knowledge of choose and buy household electric curtain

by:Pacific     2020-07-11
The working principle of electric curtain it by a motor to drive the curtain movement back and forth along the track, or by a set of mechanical device rotate the shutter, and control of the motor is FanZhuanLai. The core of which is the motor, the motor brand on the market now and a lot of more phyletic, but in the end is nothing more than two broad categories: ac motor and dc motor. Electric curtains timing control switching time set on the host controller, start time, the curtain rod opened, closing time, the curtain closed automatically. If temporary need to open or close, only gently presses the button can be opened or closed. Semi-automatic manual control electric curtain wireless control is at the time of open or close the curtains, click on the forward and reverse button, after the curtain in place automatically stop, also can press the stop key at any time, the curtain automatically stop. Electric curtains intelligent linkage control of the curtain rod is open or closed by the master controller through test environment brightness to complete automatic control, it's getting dark, close the morning opened with intelligent management way, or press the cinema mode, the intelligent system interface curtain will also close linkage, do not produce false action. Electric curtain infrared control infrared control electric curtain rod is to use the direct control of the infrared window open or shut down. Performed by the artificial control motor forward, reverse and stop. Electric curtains applicability has the advantages of a variety of different archives opening and closing speed, can choose different speeds of different occasions. Power, can be manually opened and closed system. Compatibility of the system is equipped with manual, intelligent control button, remote control. When fully open or closed curtain, the drive to stop the work in time. Safety curtain drive device is equipped with reliable safety security protection device, users can rest assured use. Intelligent system timing controller can advance automatically opened and closed many times within 24 hours of Settings. Through the system for the remote control and special position, the receiver shall be set in the system equipment can alone or control different curtain system at the same time.
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