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Knowledge of curtain rod installation

by:Pacific     2020-05-14
The Windows of the house we all need to install the curtain, the curtain the steps necessary to install is the installation of curtain rod, today small make up you brought the curtain rod installation methods, to learn together. rod, the material is given priority to with metal and wood. Material is qualitative different, the style is different, wrought iron curtain rod rod head of art, tie-in decoration cloth, silk or cotton quality used in the bedroom, has a soft contrast between the strong contrast is beautiful: the wooden carve rod head, give a person with a warm sense of fullness. Using range and collocation style not too restrictive, applicable to the bedroom of all sorts of function. rod can be divided into two categories: rising stem and the non-rising stem. We can directly see rising stem, decorative pattern and decoration are very good-looking, non-rising stem is usually thought to be in a box, use less now. Small make up today to bring us is rising stem installation method. rod installation knowledge of curtain rod installation process and matters needing attention Before the curtain rod installation need to be ready to work 1, the material requirements: ( 1) Wood and products, ( 2) Hardware accessories, ( 3) Metal curtain rod 2, main machines and tools, 1) Small hand electric drill, electric major ( 2) Carpenter's big plane, small plane, groove plane, small wood saw, screwdriver, chisels, punch, hacksaw, etc. rod installation knowledge of curtain rod installation process and matters needing attention Install the curtain rod in three steps 】 1) Install curtain box of window according to the first level to determine elevation, delimit good curtain box of window center line, when installation will curtain box of window center line on the window of the center line, box parts must be tightly stick against the wall, fixed method according to the individual design. 2) Install the curtain rail curtain rail have single, double or three orbits. When the window wide to 1200 mm, the curtain rail should be disconnected, disconnect simmer bending stagger, simmer bending should be flat curve, lap length not less than 200 mm. Ming is common curtain box of window first orbit. Should add heavy curtain rail machine screw; After the dark curtain box of window should be Ann orbit. Heavy curtain rail small Angle should be encrypted spacing, wood screw specifications not less than 30 mm. Rail is installed in a straight line. 3) rod connecting the fixed installation calibration, rod or wire, pull on the fixing parts. Be flat, elevation consistent with room. rod installation knowledge of curtain rod installation process and matters needing attention The curtain installation precautions 】 1) Gesso line along with the window, along the reserved at least 10 cm distance between; 2) rod length should be greater than the window width, avoid light-leaking; 3) rod installation should be level, solid; 4) Want to shop around, from the aspects such as quality, price, service comprehensive consideration, choose the household with after-sales service trustworthy market; rod installation knowledge of curtain rod installation process and matters needing attention. 5) Choose cloth art act the role ofing is tasted mainly color, texture, pattern, on the choice of fabrics, also want to with the function of the cloth accessories, such as curtain, antependium, wall hanging, to match the space of the bedroom, facade size, on the vision should have a sense of balance.
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