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KTV curtain how to choose

by:Pacific     2020-07-16
Now most type high-grade KTV club can use to decorate the space, the curtain inside and keep out the light, the effect of the curtain is also an important part of modern KTV decoration design. It not only has keep out the light and decorative effect of the space, also can rise to adjust temperature, noise insulation effect. Thanks to modern people more and more high to the requirement of aesthetic, so, when choosing curtains shall be in addition to pay attention to its own function, the beautiful sex should also pay attention to it, and also to harmony with the style of indoor whole design style. This type of entertainment places like KTV usually need to be equipped with two layers of curtain, the inner select material thin gauze shade, the outer select material is relatively heavy drapes. Don't have to, like a gauze shade and drape can opt for during the day, so that can reflect the administrative levels more. Gauze shade will enrich the KTV indoor mainly reflected in the action of integral atmosphere, but also can make indoor light and shade contrast is abate, and full of aesthetic feeling of affinity. KTV curtain to choose first note 1, design should consider when choosing curtains the depth and width of the room, if it is horizontally stripe pattern, then can make the KTV interior space is more has the feeling of stretching. And the vertical design, can let a space appear higher. Choosing design should also consider the size of the window, the size of the usually size larger window curtain to design uniform. Size larger design can be impressive, but also can give a person a kind of visual effect to the smaller space. Small design can give a person a kind of quiet, the feeling of quietly elegant, but also can enlarge the space, more applicable to small Windows. Because of the curtain is wavy, then to design can have a better effect, so the choice of design as far as possible don't be too big, too much design instead of show. 2, colour second when choosing curtains, attention should be paid to the choice of the colour. Often in the KTV when decorate a design choice, considering from the direction of the big, the color of the curtain is the same. The selected color and KTV a whole, the tonal and coordinate with each other. And curtain rod color as far as possible choose warm color to move, warm color can give a person warmth comfortable sense, if you select the darker color can give a person the sense of ease mysterious, when choosing color also need according to the club as a whole is tonal choose in properly. KTV decorating skill KTV must pay attention to the appearance of color design, colour collocation to coordinate, colour is gorgeous, but not in a mess, then there is even more striking hall, the design must be capacious and bright. Can use to easily clean material panel decoration, the supplement of the ground and wall proposal consistent, so expanding the hall space stereo feeling too tall. Also can attract the attention of consumers, let consumers can enter the experience. Room adornment is tonal it is advisable to choose dark brown commonly, if installed carpet in the room, the proposal chooses pale gray, is both beautiful and dirty. Better spacious corridor, this will let the consumer feel happy and warm, there won't be cramped feeling. If you can decorate in the KTV hall work from top to bottom, with exquisite design, will become a brilliant scenery yo. Followed by the sound insulation effect of the treatment, need the notches to sound focusing and vertical direction of the horn used sound-absorbing materials, sound-absorbing materials can be soft bag, carpet material can also be as the sound-absorbing material, metope can use reflective materials, on either side of the ceiling and metope is unfavorable had deep concave, because will make a sound with uneven, sound effects, it is not very good. Also to have certain sound reflection, such as the design of the hard floor, metope USES the idea of the design of the log, to solve the insufficiency of reverberation ratio. Sound is the key of the whole box, so to speak. Besides to install high quality sound, more need to pay attention to its place. Reasonable sound layout can reduce the mutual interference, make sure the sound on the right, the right Angle, generally choose the nearby two rooms of the sound box used design of back to back, at the same time reduce the speaker back after touching metope, such not only convenient wiring and power supply, can also reduce the interference of sound. And air exhaust and smoke exhaust system of strict requirements. Who also don't want to take a KTV is a variety of flavor, so choose the performance of the exhaust equipment must be very outstanding.
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