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Lace curtain color selection skills

by:Pacific     2020-05-24
What is a lace lace curtain is made up of nylon net curtain rod, embroidery craft print screens, sewing cloth, jacquard cloth do adjust covered indoor lighting a curtain. With the rapid advance of the curtain industry lace curtain become indispensable to indoor textile soft cloth. Build sweet atmosphere compared with outdoor, like two of the world, also met the little princess heart of the love of beauty. Illicit close space to enjoy sweet with the prince. Beauty more beautiful window, to experience the unique love lace. Lace curtain phyletic and various, the applicable scope of the lace curtain practical applications are widely used in wedding, bay window, the princess room, children room, club rooms, indoor partition, store decoration walls, feed, clothing stores and other places. Lace curtains is the choice of the bedroom. Because of the number of lace, lace curtains in the make a complete set of the curtain is very sweet, whatever the style, no matter what the color is very suitable for the bedroom, ha ha, of course, there is a premise, is that you like lace curtains. Then, the sitting room. Actually, lace curtain is absolutely can be used in the living room, but to choose the right colors and styles. Avoid too romantic and sweet. In general, light yellow is preferred. This color is very easy to household tonal collocation, whether it is green, or pink tones, Only for two color heavier, difficult to match the color space) Shallow the match is, mutual reflect. Both highlighted the window, and foil the household space, and will not upstage off important furniture such as sofa. Still another is good, light yellow is very lively, relaxing, if the curtain of the sitting room color is too deep, can make the sitting room is depressive feeling. Finally, the study and children room. If you think the two rooms without lace is ok, but I still want to talk about, in fact, the study and sitting room is the same, children room is a bedroom, there is old person room, the principle is the same, as long as selecting the suitable design and color is ok. Lace curtain color option 1, the curtain of sitting room choose warm color to move pattern in the curtain of the sitting room choose warm color to move, can give a person the sense of hospitality, if use mesh wire netting ornament, also can enhance the artistic charm of whole room. Lace curtain color 2, study the study of the curtain is generally choose to neutral is better, the dark green, light green and light blue, is to study the curtain of the most popular colour now. 3, smooth the bedroom the Lord shall choose the color, the static color curtain curtain of the bedroom, choose static color is more appropriate. If furniture is light brown, brownish red, you can choose the collocation of yellow, orange curtain; If it is white furniture can match light coffee, light blue, cream-colored curtain, such can let a room appear quiet and tastefully laid out and not cold and cheerless. 4, restaurant lace curtain color if is dining-room, yellow and orange can increase appetite, white has the feeling of clean. In general, the color of lace curtain should be close to the ground, for example, the ground is purple, so the curtain can choose pink, peach and other similar to the color of the ground. 5, according to the ground and furniture color if the color of the furniture color and ground in the home, comparative is strong, generally choose the curtain is reference to the color of the ground to choose collocation. If the color of the furniture and floor cannot be used as a reference, it can choose according to the color of the light color. The cleaning and maintenance of lace curtain 1, in cleaning before the curtain, must remember the curtain hooks remove, can't have missed. 2, remember to clean, must not use bleach, should choose flexible detergent to clean. 3, because of the particularity of the weaving process of lace curtain, so is not recommended for machine wash, can choose to hand wash or dry cleaning. 4, dry way, be sure it is suggested that natural dried, and style is best for chassis under plants. 5, lace curtains as part of the yarn, not machine wash, cold washed by hand, rub gently rub.
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