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Linen curtains remove peculiar smell?

by:Pacific     2020-07-04
Linen curtains odor removing method 1, clean the formaldehyde is soluble in water, by cleaning can remove the part of the pollution in the curtains. If cleaning after have no taste, but hung up after a period of time the curtain rod and have a taste, you have other sources of pollution in the air, because of cloth art, has the function of adsorption, if indoor pollution sources will adsorption polluting smell in the air curtain rod. 2, ventilation, open a window ventilated, every day to make the flow of air, there will be a fucheng hai emperor leaven Gao ji enclosures Xi roof leakage pollution gas exhaust to the outside, this is a simple and effective way, the only shortcoming is formaldehyde release cycle is long. 3, activated carbon adsorption of the early use of activated charcoal package have the effect very much, because the pore with adsorption potential, the smaller the aperture, the stronger the adsorption potential. But claims on the market of activated carbon used after period of time to bask in the sun can then use the wonky oh, the sun the highest temperature to 50 degrees Celsius, can only evaporate moisture, etc. A month later, activated carbon adsorption ability is becoming more and more weak, need to be replaced regularly. 4, put green plants indoor put some bracketplant, mother-in-law, ivy, the green plant easy to maintenance, beautiful appearance, strong adaptability, can absorb more than 80% of the country's indoor harmful gas, the ability to absorb formaldehyde super. Average room to raise the l ~ 2 bracketplant, toxic gas in the air can be absorbed, so the bracketplant of green purifier good name again. Ivy tendrils of thin and soft, with aerial roots, can climb on top of other objects. Can break down residual formaldehyde in the air. 5, the use of air filter air purifier can not only filter smoke, pollen, dust and other source of sensitization, also can effectively remove chemical odor generated in domestic outfit, such as paint, aerosol, new curtains, carpets, and furniture sends out the smell. Linen curtains do the 1, hemp pledges the curtain at the time of cleaning can't use hot water, can only use cold water, and water temperature can't more than 40 degrees. 2, use detergent when cleaning, do not soak for a long period of time for a short time can knead after washed. 3, hemp qualitative cloth clean them in a timely manner, can't put too long time to clean, so it is easy to be mouldy. 4, hemp pledges the curtain rod could be rub off, so you can't wash with other fabric products. 5, when drying need flat to dry, cannot twist or it will appear fold, nor exposure, exposure to the sun can make linen curtains yellowing, air-dried the trash in time.
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