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Manufacturing method of manual curtain guide rail

by:Pacific     2020-03-02
Most existing manual curtain rails and rods equipment is fixed on both sides of the window. The bracket has a plurality of hooks and the curtain fabric is hung on the hook. When the curtain is pulled by hand, the hook can be moved to open the curtain or in addition, the curtain device is not only easy to fall off from the hook, but also there is a large friction between the hook and the bracket, the opening and closing of the curtains is not smooth. In order to solve the above shortcomings, the usual practice is to add curtain rails and rods. The manual inertia curtain device is to wear a plurality of rings on the guide rail, and the corresponding hooks are connected to the rings. The curtain is hung on the hook, but the slider and sliding sleeve are added, the structure is complex and the cost is high; When installing, the guide rail should be extended to the outside of the bracket, then fixed on the bracket with nuts, etc. , and then covered with decorative covers, which is inconvenient to install. It provides a simple structure, smooth switch, low cost, easy to install manual and simple curtain guide equipment. The manual and simple curtain rails and rods device thus realized includes a guide rail, a curtain hanger mounted on the guide rail, and a track frame clamped at both ends of the guide rail. There are grooves at the bottom and back of the guide rail, and several curtain hook hangers. The rollers are riveted separately, and the rollers are stuck in the groove at the bottom of the guide rail, so that the hook hanger can move left and right along the groove at the bottom of the guide rail; The installation code has a hook, the hook is stuck in the groove on the back of the guide rail, and the installation code can move left and right along the groove on the back of the guide rail.
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