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Master the four key points of the curtain guide

by:Pacific     2020-02-28
are needed by every family. For us, it is essential to decorate the living space. It can bring out the owner's taste and play the role of coloring, decoration and decoration. design is a very important part of home decoration design. It is necessary to correctly select curtain rails and rods products suitable for environmental space, master the four key points of the curtain guide. First, pay attention to the difference between the area and the well-lit guest room facing south and the guest room facing North as well as the dim guest room and the curtain guide rail. The well-lit South Hall should buy a cool curtain guide, while the dim north room should be a warm curtain guide. Second, choose the curtain guide rail to coordinate with the main color of the room color. The guest room has the main color. The theme of interior decoration is interior decoration (Such as ceilings, walls, floor tiles, furniture, etc). Since the curtain guide rail has a large area in the room, the color of the curtain guide rail has become the main tone. When selecting the curtain guide rail, it is better to coordinate the indoor color with the color of the curtain rails and rods to form the main color. Three, the choice of curtain guide rail should consider the size of the living room and the size of the window for a larger room, the color of the curtain guide rail can be slightly more; For small rooms, it is best to use light and strong curtain rails and rods to relieve people's psychological pressure. In short, when the color is relatively small, the indoor space looks small, and when the color is coordinated, the indoor space is spacious. Four, the choice of curtain rails and rods should also consider their own cultural background, character, age and other old people's room to choose curtain guide rail application of low light and warm colors, such as gray, these neutral colors not only look quaint, elegant, but also to stabilize the mood of the elderly; Children's room curtain guide rail should choose bright, bright, color contrast strong color it is suitable for children's lively and active psychological characteristics (Not limited to comics); For those who are impatient, cool curtain rails keep their mood stable, while for introverts, bright and light colors can adjust their mentality. When choosing curtain guide fabric decoration room, please consider the overall interior style and furniture color. The appropriate fabric color can be integrated into the entire home environment, and strengthen the style of the room, so that the curtain guide rail becomes the Elf of the family.
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