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Measurement and installation of curtain track

by:Pacific     2020-02-17
Curtain guide rail refers to a curtain accessory used to hang curtains, which can open and close curtains and add curtain cloth. It has a wide variety and plays an indispensable role in curtains. So how is the curtain guide rail installed? Let's take a look at the measurement and installation of curtain rails and rods! First, the curtain rail measurement size is actually very simple, that is, the width of the entire wall minus 50px. This 50px is a gap of 25px left and right, which is convenient for actual installation. In the physical store, we will subtract 50px by default according to the size of the customer, so when you report the size to the seller, you must be clear whether it is real or lost 50px. Second, the curtain rail measurement, each hole is installed, the installation code spacing is 1000px- 1500px, the spacing is too dense, affecting the appearance, the spacing is too large, the bearing capacity is reduced, and the track should not be placed below the construction point when installing the hole, do not move the track outside too early. Plastic packaging can prevent dust from falling on the track and affecting sliding. In order to avoid tilting during installation, the vertical and horizontal positions should be measured during punching. If there is no professional tool, a small trick is to first fix the middle position and then punch holes from the middle to both sides. Window bar products are called Roman rods in the industry. Because the window bar does not need to be a ceiling curtain box, the shape is unique and beautiful, and they are directly exposed to the whole space. The whole decoration style has become the finishing touch and is favored by more and more people. Curtain Track installation skills, top and side installation Curtain guide rail installation method is generally top and side installation. The top is mounted on the ceiling or perforated on the ceiling. When installing the top, the installation code should be placed on both sides of the guide rail, which can make the bearing more uniform and help prolong the service life. Side mounting is to install holes in the wall where the window is located. When installing the side, if the wall has a thermal insulation layer, long bolts are required. 2, the curtain box if there is a curtain box, directly to the middle of the curtain box, you need to choose the appropriate size of the drill (Usually use a 6mm drill bit) , Then knock the expansion pipe into the hole, then use the expansion bolt to embed the guide rail bracket and tighten it to the expansion pipe. If the curtain box is not directly installed on the cement wall, the installation position of the top loading track is about 200px from the wall surface. Curtain tracks have single, double or three tracks. When the window width is greater than 1200, the curtain track should be disconnected, the bending at the fracture should be staggered, the bending should be a gentle curve, and the overlapping length should not be less than 200. Ming curtain boxes generally have the first one. The curtain track should be increased on the machine screw; Dark curtains should be rear tracks, small corners of curtain tracks should be encrypted, and wood screws should not be less than in size. Install the lifting clip, rotate the clip 90 degrees to the track, and then use the self-tapping screw to fix the lifting clip to the top plate. If it is a concrete structure, expansion wire needs to be added. Correct the connecting fixture, connecting rod or wire and pull it onto the fixture. Do the plane, consistent with the height of the room. Correct the connecting fixture, connecting rod or wire and pull it onto the fixture. Do the plane, consistent with the height of the room. Correct the connecting fixture, connecting rod or wire, and pull it to the fixture to make it flat and consistent with the room elevation.
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