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Mediterranean style curtain how to choose

by:Pacific     2020-06-29
The characteristics of the Mediterranean style curtain Mediterranean style has the characteristics of the romantic atmosphere, so the curtain should choose pure and fresh quietly elegant, give priority to with light color. And Mediterranean style curtain can be divided into layers, not only can shading, also can be very good to protect privacy. At the same time when the thick outer shading cloth hung up, the inside of the curtain has light clever feeling, can the wind blows. Mediterranean style curtain asks not only beautiful, but also have practical function. So for the Mediterranean style, the choice of the curtain, should not only meet the needs of families, and should reflect the Mediterranean style. For the choice of the curtain rod as far as possible simple atmosphere, don't need too many decoration and encumbrance, try to embody the natural and graceful, atmosphere. What are the Mediterranean style curtain style 1, pure color shading curtain pure color of the Mediterranean style of the curtain fabric thicker, shading sex is good. Design simple, blue white collocation, have very strong neutral beauty, compare joker, fabric drape is very good, very smooth. In the Mediterranean style often used as the main tonal, the blue and white so when choosing the Mediterranean style curtain, often also will use matching color. 2, white with black curtains because the Mediterranean style in domestic outfit, in such aspects as the window without redundant adornment, so plain coloured curtain is in beautiful sex, decorative, or a bit dull. So we can choose dot of popular element, such as a white dot, the white of large area make curtain more elegant and connect fully, dot adds a lot of energy. But such pleasant Mediterranean style curtain is connected fully, on the shading effect is not the best, so more suitable for the summer, reduce some boring. 3, the joining together of the Mediterranean style curtain curtain splicing process most can produce the effect of various levels, sometimes will choose three kinds of cloth, but still need to pay attention to not conflict on colour, each other should be harmonious and unified, it is virtually a warmth. Mediterranean style how to choose 1, blue stripe curtain, curtain more classic Mediterranean style, this kind of curtain looks very comfortable, feel is also more comfortable, thick fabric abrasion, elegant color to indoor add more natural color. 2, the Mediterranean classical elements include sailing, masts, blue and white stripes, the romantic and elegant, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, build a clear atmosphere, give a person a kind of natural and comfortable sea breeze. 3, series of blue and white grid design, simple but elegant blue and white attune is not only pure and fresh, with mature feeling. 4 the combination of the three color, classic blue and white coffee, modelling is simple, contains the elements of the Mediterranean Sea, can very good show the Mediterranean style. 5, can use blue, white, red three colors together, can see at a glance the Mediterranean decorate a style, add the festival elements, added the smell of sweet romance. 6, white and blue is also more classic Mediterranean style is tie-in, some whales on the curtains and anchor, to enhance the interior of the Mediterranean style, romantic and elegant, new and free from vulgarity.
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