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Methods measuring household curtain size

by:Pacific     2020-06-16
Measuring household curtain size method and key points: 1, first of all, the same shade or curtain rod to hang two curtain cloth, so, need to take the width of the shade cloth dimensions are divided into two, calculated the width of each curtain cloth. 2, determine the total number of flaps BuFu covered the Windows needed, with a total number of times the fabric cutting length, and it is concluded that the total amount of cloth curtain. Just figure out a little more quantity of cloth to clean cloth cutting edge, the length of the finished product of the curtain making small adjustments. 3, when using pattern fabric, need more to calculate some material, so that can make when joining together to spell out the patterns of the cohesion complete. In general, the first design after repeating patterns should be complete. 4, determines the curtain shade on the top of the style, and installed or curtain rod, curtain rod rail will be needed for accurate measurement of the curtain cloth, only need to measure the two curtain cloth size, one is the length of the finished curtain rod droop, namely measuring curtain hook hanging on the curtain rail to shade the length of the bottom edge, the second is the length of the curtain rail. 5, sagging to the window curtain, should hang onto the window sill next 5 to 10 centimeters, if there is a radiator right under the window, the curtain should be sagging to radiator above 1. 5 to 2 cm; 5 to 2 cm. 6, sagging to ground the be born curtain, bottom best return bad two off the ground. 5 centimeters, so that we can protect the bottom edge. Household, of course, the curtain rod is generally adopt the way of custom, so you don't need to worry about household size measurement of the curtain, because the curtain of general professional design personnel can according to your request for the size of the survey and make, but you can also according to the above points for the production of curtains size for testing
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