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Office curtain how to choose?

by:Pacific     2020-07-01
1, led curtain office choose 1) Plastic blinds plastic blinds is earlier for home balcony curtain and office products, advantage is easy installation, easy to clean, color is rich. The disadvantage is that prices are relatively high, easy cause indoor darkened. Don't suit the demand of the modern office space. It is recommended to use in the storage room or office leadership. 2) Aluminum Venetian blinds and wooden Venetian blinds blinds complete development of all types, blade is easy to clean, faults operating lever and the blade is easy to damage. Now have a new operating system is very good to solve this problem, is to use the shutter control way, set down on a piece of rope, opening and closing of already beautiful ( Because installed in the side) And convenient, durable. Wood shutter has to wait for a few kinds of wood logs and copy. Whether it is log or environmental protection material of high imitation wood are expensive, foreign customers demand more. It is recommended to use the leadership of the office or the office. 3) Led curtain office leadership of selective attention is the whole company summit, leading nature is the key of interior decoration design office room, must understand the be fond of of leadership, has half cover completely cover, it is important to note that some very thick line. Lead chamber of the curtain should be how to match? The color of the curtain can't be too serious, if some furniture of Chinese style. At this time a good curtain rod will be able to help you change this kind of space style, don't know what kind of room leader would like curtain, curtain rod is good or bad directly affects the style and the grade of whole space, the first thing you encounter is the curtain of personality, can produce visual, otherwise its good results are satisfactory. 2, conference room curtain how to choose? 1) Conference room curtain what is a good color when we choose to choose the curtain for the meeting room, sometimes struggle with what color? Of course in the room are generally recommended with blue curtain, can let a person feel some time just flies, conference room to decorate, is fundamental key with blue best if use the curtain of blue, blue chair, the blue book of the meeting. See blue things, can let a person feel time passed quickly, resulting in a hurry will be meeting the force of conviction. In addition, the role of the blue and make people relaxed, not let people too nervous at the meeting. 2) Good meeting room with what curtain rod at the current meeting room curtains are basically shading roller shutters and Venetian blinds. Window blind: because shutter can reflect the overall effect meeting room, concise and easy, long service life. Conditions permitting it is recommended to use electric shutter, because it is more convenient for the conference room use. Meeting room use electric shutter can save time and improve efficiency. For the meeting of the company held successfully created good conditions. Venetian blinds, Venetian blinds can adjust the indoor brightness. 3) Conference room curtain how to choose the conference room needs a relatively closed environment, the meeting will also use projection, so really need a shading effect, but also generous and a sense of security office furniture and curtain. Advice to hang two layers, close to the indoor the layer, select the light blue thick curtain, light blue is the most suitable for the office, clean and easy, and there is no black brown depressive feeling. Close to the outer layer, outdoor choice silver shade cloth, double more shading.
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