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Office of the curtain material is what?

by:Pacific     2020-05-19
Office the material of the curtain shutter fabrics with high quality polyester fiber or glass fiber fabric is given priority to, has the characteristics of environmental protection, flame retardant without peculiar smell. Wood in the majority with high-quality basswood Venetian blinds, has the very good decoration effect. Aluminum alloy blinds shade for aluminum alloy material, with the pinhole blinds hole peace Venetian blinds. Electric curtains available in the form of opening and closing the curtain rod and elevating electric shutter. Opening and closing curtains with cloth art product, lifting shutter shade fabric with polyester or fiberglass. Office curtain order note profile surface anodic oxidation treatment. ( Aluminum is a light metal, density is small, 2. 79 /立方厘米) , with good strength and plastic, aluminum alloy has good strength, superhard aluminium alloy strength of 600 mpa, the tensile strength of ordinary hard aluminum alloy is 200 - 450 mpa, it than steel is much higher than steel, therefore widely used in machinery manufacturing. ) Between the fabric and roll tube inserted with PVC piece connection, do not need to sew, simple assembly, if necessary, can be easily at the scene of the restructuring. Its rail ( Usually say under the shade of the bottom) Especially the dew and built-in two kinds, the leakage type is fixed a curtain in round or oval, etc. All kinds of aluminum aluminum groove. Built-in is made hollow take flaps by high-frequency hot, built-in end of aluminium alloy rod. Draw bead shade all accessories with uv radiation. Aging resistant, rail under 30 mm wide, wall thickness of 1. 2 mm. Accessories lahm silk accessories square ( Usually refers to shade head) With ABS plastic 1, comprehensive performance is good, high impact strength, chemical stability, good performance. 2, with excellent welding 372 organic glass, make double color plastic parts, and can be chrome plated surface, spray paint processing. 3, have a high impact, high heat resistance, flame retardant, enhancement, transparency level, etc. 4, liquidity than the HIPS, almost better than PMMA, PC and so on, good flexibility. Thick wall thickness than most other products more than 30%, the service life of more security. EZLIGHT rope head increased the advanced planetary gear structure, make the operation more smooth, feel is also more lightsome. In the process of fuck do have brake springs, to prevent the fabric free fall. Operating pull pull beads, beads using nylon round draw bead and the bead between stress is more uniform, thereby increasing smooth degree of the operation.
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