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Old person room curtain how to choose?

by:Pacific     2020-07-25
Old person room curtain selection technique 1, according to the performance curtain curtain of old person room should pay attention to the choose and buy the curtains don't be too long and too heavy too heavy curtains don't convenient, can lead to push and pull the curtain squad if too long may be the old man. So try to choose the curtain rod of light to use. 2, according to the curtain area of the bedroom is a place for old people to sleep and rest, so is suitable for the double layer curtain, choose a slightly dark dark curtain cloth shading sex good, in the big environment of the sun can also rest well, night can pull the layer of gauze, breathable and artistic conception. 3, according to feng shui curtain when choosing curtains can also follow certain feng shui bedroom. color had better conform to the old man in numerology five lines of xi color material, this will help the old man's health. Such as the old man in numerology like wood, can choose the green curtain of wooden curtain rod; If old man numerology like soil, choose the yellow color of the curtains; If the old man in numerology xi gold, curtain of choice metal rods; If the old man in numerology like water, grain design with blue water curtain. In addition, should also pay attention to on the choice of pattern, try not to select too trendy, alternative, exaggeration of abstract patterns, such as skeleton, ferocious animal, etc. , it makes the old man upset, down to earth, and is in geomantic go up to also portend ominous. Ceiling, wall, ground in fengshui respectively on behalf of heaven, earth and man, in order to achieve a harmonious earth, the color of the curtains or wallpaper should be deeper than the ceiling, than the floor. 4, according to the curtain color in general, double curtain is more suitable for old people. A thin layer of gauze shade, can pull in the daytime, can adjust indoor brightness, make the old man's eyes from strong light stimulation. Another layer of thick with cotton cloth curtain, permeability is good, and can guarantee a certain warmth retention property, especially at night, can avoid catching a cold old man. At the same time, the thick curtain can create a quiet environment, conducive to sleep. Due to the old man's eyes is not as keen as young people, afraid of stimulus, the color of the curtain cannot too dark or too bright. For example, black too dark, easy to make the bedroom looks dark, affect the old man; White and red is too bright, easy to sway to the eyes. The curtain of general with dark blue as well. 5, according to the old man bedroom pattern of the curtain rod curtain decorative pattern, give priority to with concise and clear. Best advice decorative pattern is striped, simple but elegant, mutual collocation of depth color, don't choose those fancy, decorative pattern the curtain of bending is too big or too complex, easy to cause the old man eye.
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