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Old person room home textile cloth art how to choose?

by:Pacific     2020-05-25
The curtain rod color: old person room curtain colour cannot too dark or too bright, general with dark blue curtains as well. Like black too dark, easy to make the bedroom looks dark, affect the old man; And white and red, so bright, easy to old eyes. decorative pattern: the elderly bedroom curtain rod decorative pattern, give priority to with concise and clear. Best advice decorative pattern is striped, simple but elegant, mutual collocation of depth color, don't choose those fancy, decorative pattern the curtain of bending is too big or too complex, easy to cause the old man eye. design, old person room curtain as far as possible choose the curtain rod of light use, general two-layer curtain is more suitable for the elderly, shading performance is good, in the big environment of the sun can also rest well, night can pull the layer of gauze, breathable and artistic conception. Old people are easy to fall because of walking, the old person room carpet on the shop is very necessary. Carpet material is better to soft and warm, even if the wrestling can relieve knock against the harm degree; Carpet is wall-to-wall carpet style, or choose the bed blanket, so as to avoid the old man stood up and instability in wrestling. Old person room wall act the role ofing can select cross-stitch hang a picture, with Chinese traditional culture characteristics, with nostalgic psychology in the elderly. Generally suitable for the old man's moral cross-stitch to more health and longevity is preferred, such as longevity, such as peach, best happiness figure, best longevity figure cross-stitch, old people prefer.
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