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Pay attention to the small details of installing the curtain rod

by:Pacific     2020-03-05
The family style is further strengthened by the arrangement of furniture, decoration, etc. , and the highlights we see are embellished by thousands of selected decorations, as the best foil tool, natural light comes from the curtain rod of the window, and inevitably the line of sight must be on the window when feeling the light. The decoration that can deepen the style of home decoration is the curtain in front of us. After the decoration, the head of the household naturally has to pay attention to the decoration, and the careful selection of curtains always needs to be matched with the appropriate curtain rods to be the most perfect match. For the bedroom window with curtains, the average person pays more attention to the curtains, such as material, thickness, style, pattern, color, etc. , few people will pay attention to the curtain rod, in fact, the choice of hardware fittings for curtain rods is also very important. Curtain rods connect curtains with walls. Choosing a good curtain rod can determine the quality and durability of the whole curtain, so the curtain rod seems simple, but it has an extremely important role. 1. The installation method of the curtain rod: many people do not know anything about the installation of the curtain rod. When buying the curtain, the curtain rod also has the choice of knowledge, and knows nothing about how to install the curtain rod, when installing curtains, you can only ask professionals to install them. In fact, if you understand the indoor installation method of curtain rods, the installation of curtains is very simple. 1) Install the important parts of curtain box curtain installation to hide the curtain head. Before construction, first determine the height of the curtain and install the curtain box according to the height required by the curtain. 2) Installing curtain track is a bracket for curtain installation. When installing, the curtain track is installed according to the height required by the curtain, and the curtain track is installed inside the curtain box to achieve overall beauty. 3) Installing the curtain rod installation first needs to set the point to ensure that the straight, the decorative heads on both sides are also aligned, and the curtain can be hung after the curtain rod is installed. 2. Precautions for curtain rod installation: Although the curtain rod installation is not a technical work, it also needs to be carefully installed. A beautiful home is also accumulated by details, when installing the curtain rod, some things have to be mentioned. First of all, the connection method to be determined during installation, the installation itself should pay attention to a firmness, and different wall connection methods should be treated differently. When installing, not only the firmness should be determined, but also the safety of construction should be paid attention to in the process. The premise of ensuring safety should also ensure the quality of installation. The curtain rod must be installed horizontally and straight, hanging curtains can also achieve a beautiful effect. 3. The consequences of the wrong installation of the curtain rod: Although the installation of the curtain rod is a small matter, if the installation error does not bring a small impact on life, if there is a leak during installation, the impact should not be underestimated. The waste of its own hardware materials, although the re-installation is the same cost, but in fact it has doubled the calculation, the installation is not strong not only causes damage to the wall, affecting the overall aesthetics, if you accidentally drop it, it will cause harm to people. To take a step back, even if there is no harm to people, it is a loss to furniture, etc. The above is some of the little knowledge about how to install the curtain rod shared by you today. I hope to help everyone. The curtain is the most common decoration in daily life, not only can it play the role of shading, while shading, it also protects the privacy of the family. The curtains were originally designed to play a decorative role and deepen the style of home improvement.
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