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Practical installation points of Roman rods

by:Pacific     2020-03-09
The installation of the curtain is actually not very difficult. The has a retro trend because of its beautiful appearance and fashion. In addition, its low noise and silent effect is loved by many owners, how to install the curtain? The installation points of curtain are shared: 1. Hammer drill and matching Φ 6mm drill bit, steel tape measure, pencil, cross flower screwdriver, Φ 6mm plastic expansion pipe, Φ 4x self-tapping; Check the matching of the and its decorative head, support and lifting ring, measure the length of the and the width of the window. 2. Use the installed support as the standard line to draw the bearing positioning line and the hole position line. Generally, the length of the Roman rod exceeds 2. 3 supports, the Middle support is located in the center of the window or wall, and both ends must be equidistant. The supports at both ends leave the wall about 15-20cm or leave the Roman pole end (Ceiling)5-10 cm. 3, punching depth 3. 5- 5 cm, can not run eyes, skew when punching, note: away from wires, water pipes. After punching, press the plastic expansion tube into the hole. 4. The mounting rod support is fastened with self-tapping, the lifting ring is sleeved into the rod, the lifting ring is divided into two parts, and one lifting ring is left at each end; Press the Roman rod into the open support and adjust it so that the distance between the two ends of the decorative head and the wall is the same. 5. Hang the curtains and put the hooks on the curtains, and hang the other end of the hooks into the holes of the Rings; Open and close the curtains left and right, check whether the sliding is flexible, and whether the two curtains are of the same height. Otherwise, fine-tune. The installation of curtains is divided according to the material, alloy plastic rod, aluminum alloy electrophoresis Rod, solid wood rod, all steel rod and Post paper rod. The installation method of the straight rail : first, the track is sized. For example, the wooden roof is made of self-tapping nails, and the track fixtures and tracks are directly fixed to the roof. 400mm--500mm one fixing piece; If it is a cement shed, first use the impact drill to punch the hole, hit the wooden wedge, and then use the self-tapping nail to directly fix the track fixture and the track to the wooden wedge, 400mm--500mm one fixture. Then hang the curtain, if there is a small error, the Korean curtain can be hooked, such as the four-Claw hook, you must measure the size, if necessary, you can use the pliers to hook, but this method is not desirable. If the monorail is installed, the distance between the track and the window box must be kept at least 2-- , The distance between the two tracks is at least. Installation method of curved rail : suitable for special-shaped, right-angle curved, curved balcony, curved window. When measuring the width of the ruler, the ruler must follow the special shape or arc, and then write down the number of feet. The height of the ruler is the same as the straight rail, and it is necessary to measure a few points. The installation is basically the same as that of the straight rail, but when encountering special-shaped or curved shapes, several more supports should be added, especially the cloth curtain or thick curtain, with the distance between the supports being 350mm or 400mm. Note that when installing the bendable rail in winter, it must be folded slowly to avoid breaking the straight rail or the bendable rail. Installation of curtains: if the customer does not have a luxury rod installed. First, use the ruler to determine a point between the upper left window and the roof. This point cannot be too high or low. It is best to determine this point with the customer. Then use this point to keep level with the bracket base, and measure from this point to the floor level. Finally, remove the distance between the bottom of the curtain and the floor 2--3 cm (If the half curtain is measured to the table, go to or not). This point on the right is measured with the 1. 1 sample on the left, and the two points remain horizontal.
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