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Roman curtain box installation method is introduced

by:Pacific     2020-06-02
The Roman curtain box of curtain box of window and Roman curtain box of window is an important part in the family is decorated, is one of the important facilities hidden curtain rod shade head. Window in the ceiling and package design, it should be form a complete set of curtain rod box of window design, to improve the overall decoration effect. According to the top of the treatment is different, there are two forms of curtain box of window. Is a kind of room has a ceiling, curtain box of window should be hidden inside condole top, complete with it when to do condole top, the other is a room without condole top, fixed on the wall, curtain box of window and the window frame as a whole. box structure is simpler, construction easy. curtain rod, hanging curtain rail, shaft cylinder, about 4 cm in diameter, length according to the window size, rod ends for gourd shape column head, decorative, named after the deep similar to the style of the ancient Roman architecture. Level of shaft fixed in the window above, stem fluted slippery course, pole position ring, ring on the pulley on the slide motion, drive the curtains close. The Roman curtain rod box Roman curtain box installed check Roman stem and its decoration head, bearings, rings the sex, measure the length of the lever of Rome, the width of the window. Line to install the pedestal as standard, draw lines to support localization and the hole position. Three bearing, in the middle of the bearing is located in the center of the window or wall, both ends must be equidistant. At the ends of the bearing left wall is about 1520 cm or rod end 5 - to leave Rome 10cm。 Perforation, perforation depth of 44. 5 cm, punch can't run eye, skew, note: away from electrical wires, water pipes. After punching, plastic expansion pipe into the hole. Installation rod, bearing with self tapping fastening; Rings set into the bar, rings in two, leave 1 - at each end Two rings; Put the rod into open bearing, adjust, make adornment head on both ends the distance of the left wall. Hang curtain, curtain wear good hook, the hook fork into the rings on the other side of the hole; About opening and closing the curtains, check whether two curtain sliding is flexible, etc. Otherwise, the fine tuning. The above is the Roman curtain box of each installation method, actually this kind of device is easy to install on the curtain. We just in the process of installation according to the steps to do, don't careless, a lot of things to pay attention to details. If your curtains to install, then according to the small make up for each of the curtain box of window and curtain rod installation method of installing, hands on!
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