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Roman curtain is installed rod or curtain track?

by:Pacific     2020-06-09
A, roma rod rod is a kind of hanging curtain rod rail, shaft is of cylinder, on both sides of the pole a gourd shape, similar to the ancient Roman architecture. Rome pole most belong to the stem, usually with a ring or buckle. Advantage is that it can apply to in advance do not have the top curtain rod box of window, when the leakage is beautiful and easy, have played a decorative role, and the material of the Roman bar is varied, have solid wood, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, can be more selective. Defect is in the middle can only put a stent, bearing into consideration, the rod length can't more than three. 5 meters, because of too long, thick curtain rod hung, easy to make it bending deformation. Because of Rome pole material, so is relatively expensive. In addition, Roman lever up also is not very smooth. Second, the track rod orbital rod is a kind of curtain hooks placed in orbit, by the orbital motions of the hook to pull the curtain. Track bar to non-rising stem, advantage is that it can be more orbit, so does not limit the length, but the market prices are relatively cheap, more cost-effective, long use life. If the Windows have irregular shape, track lever can according to it, make a different degree of bending. Adaptability is larger. Defect is curtain rail exposed not good-looking, so you need to set aside the curtain box condole top, more troublesome. Small make up for the above introduction of their respective advantages and disadvantages of thought for the curtain should choose what kind of good this problem, can according to individual be fond of and practical needs, if you want to high-end grade, atmosphere than choice Roman bar, if you consider can choose from the aspects of price is quite reasonable track bar, but no matter what kind of choice, should be consistent with their own decorate a style, or it will appear special abrupt.
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