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Roman curtain rod installation steps is what

by:Pacific     2020-06-02
Roman curtain pole installed Roman stem profile Rome pole is refers to the hang of the curtain rail, shaft cylinder, about 4 cm in diameter, length according to the size of the window, for gourd shape column head on both ends of the rod, have adornment effect, named after the deep similar to the style of the ancient Roman architecture. curtain rod shaft level fixed in the window above, stem fluted slippery course, pole position ring, ring on the pulley on the slide motion, drive the curtains close. The Roman curtain rod installation steps Roman curtain rod installation steps Roman curtain rod installation specific installation steps step one: measurement and scribing if about Roman curtain rod installation is one of the steps of the preparation of the instruments. So the next second Roman curtain rod installation steps is the measuring and marking. And what we're measuring data is the Roman curtain rod length and the width of the window. But about the Roman curtain rod installation method, we need to pay attention to is crossed. Crossed the line to install support for standards, when need to indicate is bearing the number of the positioning line and the line. Step 2: punch when the Roman curtain rod installation method here, the most important step is the step, that is punched. Punch is accurate, not only affect the curtain illuminative effect, but also will affect the wall is beautiful. In the Roman curtain rod installation steps, we should pay attention to when punching pipe away from the wire. Punch also must not be deflected, general perforating depth control in 3. 5 ~ 5. 0 cm. After the punch will be plastic expansion pipe into the hole. Step 3: installation after the completion of a punch, next we about Roman curtain rod rod installation have to do is Rome. The Roman curtain rod installation also has some questions need your attention and attention. That is before the Roman curtain rod installation, we should put the pole bracket screwed, as well as rings set in the rod, curtain rod Rome respectively from a rings at both ends. Press the Rome pole and then into the bearing inside, then adjust the decoration head and wall. Step 4: hang curtain when the Roman curtain rod installation steps on to the last step is to hang curtain. Compared to what we learned before the Roman curtain rod installation steps method, hang curtain is relatively simple. This time we just need to hang curtain rod hooks into the rings on the inside, and then try to close the curtains, see the curtain open whether smooth, as well as the height of curtain rod are consistent, and so on. Believe that through the introduction of the above content, bought with roma pole of consumers for its installation problems no longer worry, decorate in the actual process, have the ability to install the consumer can try to install the Roman curtain rod alone, but if there is difficult customer, must actively to seek the aid of the installation professionals, in order to avoid causes the damage of Rome pole, cause unnecessary damage to property, hope that the above content can help you install the Roman curtain rod.
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