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Rural style curtain how to choose?

by:Pacific     2020-06-16
American pastoral style of curtain to choose the point 1, the diversity of American rural style curtain rod accessories variety, attaches great importance to the nature of life comfort, outstanding style writers, pleasant appearance elegant leisure. Cloth art, all kinds of heavy and complicated of flowers plant, is very important to use elements of American rural style. Often use of natural wood, stone, cane, bamboo material such as plain texture. Skillful in setting indoor afforest, create natural, simple, elegant atmosphere. 2, natural American pastoral style curtains on the design and materials and no strict definition. It is a kind of experience, is that people felt that points from the curtain sunrise, whether for peace and quiet. Every curtain are appearing dew sunshine, grass, natural taste, as if at random, without melodramatic. 3, mature American rural style curtain has a pragmatic, specification, the characteristics of the mature. In America's middle class, for example, they have a fairly good income as support, so it can be in the bedroom with larger area free to develop their own preferences, design case also shows the grade of its occupant, much of the interests and values of life. 4, concise American pastoral style curtain rod usually concise and bright and clear, simple line, volume straightforward, its material is also very widely: solid wood, calico, manual textile material, proper and natural stone cutting, outstanding style writers comfortable style, elegant leisure, more colors in the majority with the SLATE of quietly elegant color and antique white, doodle features floral pattern for the mainstream, line is optional but pay attention to clean, 'she explains. American pastoral style curtain that rejected the cumbersome and costly, the beautiful modelling of both classical and neoclassical function, both concise and lively, and easy to do, nature is more suitable for modern People's Daily use. American pastoral style curtain to other style hand-painted curtain, the curtain rod of its category is the most widespread. Korean rural style curtain to choose the point 1, the effect of bedroom whole first of all, should consider the integral effect of the bedroom. As a general rule, thin thin fabrics such as cotton, nylon silk, thin the made curtain such as cloth of collect gauze, mesh, can not only through a certain degree of natural light, can make the person at the same time in the daytime interior there is a feeling of secrecy and security. Besides, because this kind of fabric has character soft, frivolous wait for a characteristic, therefore hanging on the window effect is better. In the meantime, even attention and thick model the curtain cooperates to use, because thick model for indoor environment in the development of curtain and reduce outside interference to have distinct effect more. Thick model the curtain, the choose and buy should select such as corduroy, wool and linen fabric pleuche and hair and so on the curtain of materials ideal. 2, pattern of design and color, second, should consider the pattern of design and color of the curtain. The design and color of fabric wants to be coordinated with bedroom photograph, according to the environment of seat area and season balance is certain. Summertime appropriate chooses the fabric that cool color moves, winter appropriate chooses the fabric that warm color moves, the spring and autumn period and the two season should choose neuter and tonal fabric to give priority to. Coordinate from bedroom whole say on Angle, should consider whether the color and luster of the wall body, furniture, floor, etc. If furniture is of brunet attune, should choose relatively the curtain of light color, lest cross deep color, make the person produces depressive feeling. 3, the size of the style again, should consider the style of the curtain and measure. In style respect, the curtain of general cubby should in order to compare compact model for better, lest make the space because of the curtain multifarious and appear more narrow small. And to big bedroom, criterion appropriate introduces easier, air, delicate model. The width dimension of the curtain, compare a window with two side commonly each are wide it is advisable to give 10 centimeters or so, bottom should look curtain model and decide, short form curtain also should at windowsill bottom line 20 centimeters advisable; Be born curtain, should be apart from the ground commonly 2 ~ 3 cm. British rural style curtain to choose main points such as curtain, antependium, hanging hanging cloth act the role ofing, such as the size of its area, and vertical and horizontal size, color, design, style, etc. , to match the space of the bedroom, elevation scale, on the vision also want to get a sense of balance. Such as larger Windows, should with wider humanly scaled, length, close to the ground or floor of the curtain to decorate; Small space, want to match with pattern fine cloth, only large space can choose large design of cloth act the role ofing, so as not to lose balance.
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