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Selection of curtain guide rail

by:Pacific     2020-02-27
Selecting the curtain guide starts with determining the appropriate clearance, return and projection. First of all, here is an example to help you understand these three. Selecting the curtain guide starts with determining the appropriate clearance, return and projection. First of all, here is an example to help you understand these three. The width of the two curtain rails and rods for 2 inch diameter and 3 inch diameter wooden poles can reach 96 inch (8 feet). However, we recommend that the width of the center bracket is 96 inch, plus the center bracket will provide additional support and help evenly distribute the weight of the rod and curtain to make its installation safer. More than 96 inch, the third bracket needs to be supported as a center; This is mandatory! Having said that, a utility pole tank with a diameter of 2 inch or 3 inch can span up to 12 feet and does not need to be bent or bent, using only two end brackets. However, if you choose this type of installation, you or your installation program needs to ensure that the end bracket is installed safely enough to carry the weight of the rod and curtain. In other words, when covering a large span, it is not enough to install two brackets with anchors or Morley bolts! Please ensure that the tail brackets are installed on the studs. It is very dangerous to install this kind of curtain guide rail in any other way. Always remember that it is not the bracket itself that makes your curtain rod rise safely, but the way the bracket is installed and fixed to the wall. Metal telescopic rods such as Kirsch's design metal 1 8 inch-inch diameter curtain guide rods must have an appropriate number of brackets for installation when they are sold. See the Roman rod manufacturer in detail: Roman Rod and curtain track. Additional brackets are not necessary, but it is recommended if you care about the weight of your curtain rails and rods or if you want to make your Rod safer. Metal curtain rods, such as 1/8 inch diameter curtain rods or kirsch curtain hardware 1/3/8 inch design metal 8 feet long rods, do not wear brackets. For metal curtain rods 1 inch to 1. 5 inch diameter two brackets up to 60 inch (5 feet)That's enough. More than 60 inch, three brackets are recommended. Wrought iron curtain rods, such as kirsch 1 inch diameter wrought iron curtain rods, or LJB curtain hardware wrought iron 1 2 inch and 1 inch diameter can cover a span of up to 8 feet, with only two end brackets! The type of curtain rails and rods, curtain is one of the most important soft clothes in our home, and the importance is even more important than the soft furniture such as beds, sofas, tables and chairs. We have spent a lot of energy to choose fabrics, color styles, to study the collocation with the whole decoration style, and to study the collocation with sofas, beds, bedding, carpets, walls, etc, however, it often ignores a very important thing, that is, the choice of curtain rails! There are mainly two types of curtain guide rails: slide rails and Roman Rods. The material of curtain guide rails for slide rails and Roman Rods is mainly plastic, wood, aluminum alloy, iron, stainless steel, etc. and Roman rods are divided into single and double, single rod double rod, single track double track. The surface of aluminum alloy material should be treated with electrophoretic paint or oxidation. Unlike spray paint, spray paint will have uneven phenomenon and feel more uncomfortable when viewed by light; The electrophoretic paint and oxidized products have a bright and even surface, and the hand feels smooth and soft. The surface treatment of iron material usually has ordinary painting and electroplating, but if the treatment is not strict, it is easy to drop the paint. There are also two pipes spliced and used, which is easy to cause poor sliding. However, the load-bearing capacity of iron is also incomparable to other materials.
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