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Selection of curtains and types of curtain rods

by:Pacific     2020-03-11
In a family, what people tend to ignore most are the curtains and curtain rods, which are really just used for decoration, but the curtains and curtain rods are related to the ventilation and sleeping quality of the family, etc, therefore, Xiao Bian has sorted out the following types of curtains and curtain rods. First, the free choice of curtains 1. To prevent similar color curtains and walls, furniture to avoid similar colors, such as the wall is yellow, and the curtains also use beige, apricot, looks harmonious, but in such a color matching room for a long time, psychologically, it is inevitable to feel 'dizzy '; Another example is the light Lake wall with medium green curtains. Although the colors are uniform, they give people a cold feeling. 2. The small bedroom does not choose a long curtain. The long curtain can create a quiet and warm atmosphere; However, in a very small room, small windows often reduce the sunlight, so it is advisable to freely choose shutters that are easier to make use of a large amount of light. 3. Large rooms use cloth curtains in a fairly large room, it is best to use cloth curtains; Cloth curtains help sleep and block the adverse effects of the outside world; If you sit back to the window or sleep towards the window, you will feel nervous and unable to relax, but if you hang heavy cloth curtains on the window, you can reduce the negative effects. 4. The restaurant is suitable for white curtains the restaurant is suitable for white curtains to prevent ash, mustard, purple or cyan, because it will turn people off. If you are on a diet, use blue, green or gray. Second, the type of curtain rod 1. Ming pole: you can see the pole color and decorative head (Also known as flower head)The shape of the curtain rod. Because it conforms to the popular trend of 'light decoration, heavy decoration' in modern society, it is favored and accepted by more families. 2. Dark Pole: The dark pole is opposite to the open pole. It is often placed in the curtain box, and people can easily see the pole itself. This kind of decoration method has long been more outdated and is gradually being eliminated by The Times. 3. Monorail and double-track: curtain rods can be divided into monorail and double-track or even multi-track according to the structure. As the name implies, monorail can only hang one curtain, while double-track can be installed with two sides, one side with screen window and the other side with thick curtain, easy to use. About the choice of curtains and the type of curtain rod _ fabric content we have made a detailed introduction above, hoping to help friends in need.
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