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Selection skills of electric curtain track

by:Pacific     2020-03-01
Home is a place to live, it is also a harbor of the heart, so the decoration of the home must be your favorite, warm, home decoration in addition to smart lighting is a top priority, electric curtain is also very important, electric curtain parts electric curtain guide must be the most important in the electric curtain assembly, so how to choose the electric curtain guide. Different materials, curtain rods are also called Roman rods, including wooden rods, aluminum alloy rods, steel rods, PVC rods, etc. From the perspective of usage, there are differences between electric and manual. Many consumers have encountered the problem of not being able to pull the curtains. There is no way to pull or slide. These problems often occur in curtain guides. Four items to pay attention to when purchasing the electric curtain rails and rods: first, the electric curtain rails and rods is very light, and the sound when opening the window determines the quality of the curtain guide rail. The sound is very light and the service life is long. On the contrary, the sound is loud and the service life is short. Excellent electric curtain guide sound is generally around 43 decibels; Second, the sliding should be smooth, and the sliding force and receiving strength of the electric curtain guide rail are important reference targets for purchase. The high-quality electric curtain guide pulley can withstand of pulling force, smooth and smooth tens of thousands of times; Third, it has a smooth surface and a high quality appearance. Under the condition of heating at 150 degrees, there are still no cracks and aging, and the inner wall is as smooth and flat as before; Four, to be safe, as long as the product's endurance strength and tensile strength are tested and certified by authoritative organizations, it is considered as an excellent electric curtain guide rail. Choosing high-quality electric curtain guide rails will also bring comfort and beauty to your life. It makes people feel happy.
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