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Seven Rules for curtain selection

by:Pacific     2020-02-26
I. Curtain track special-shaped windows in irregular rooms are common in residential buildings, such as arc-shaped windows, which are inconvenient for installing curtains. Fortunately, with the design of the curved track, the curtains can be made to fit the shape of the window, and it is very easy to open and close. Second, the window orientation determines the thickness of the curtain. When we choose the fabric, we must consider the orientation of our own window. South-facing windows, good light, tulle, thin cotton or silk fabric is more suitable. The room facing north is often cold and gray. You should choose warm and heavy curtains to increase the temperature. If there are windows facing east or west in the home, sunshade is the most important use of curtains. Sunshade curtains can not only block strong light, but also keep the brightness of the room and make full use of natural light to illuminate the room. Close to the windows of the bustling block, the lights of the street lamps and billboards are also very strong at night. In order to have a stable sleep, thicker curtains are needed. Third, the most versatile flat curtains are the most common style. Simple, no decoration, random size, hanging and pulling, suitable for most windows, users can design the curtains as one side flat and double side flat according to the width of the window, generally 1. Is the boundary reference. Curtain curtains can be turned to one side or both sides to form a soft arc, create a good decorative effect, and can also be used with a variety of strap accessories. The style with curtain is more complicated to make, but the decoration effect is better. It can block the rough curtain rails and rods and the space between the top of the curtain and the roof, making the room more tidy and beautiful. Fourth, choose the opening and closing of the curtain, the connection between the curtain and the curtain rod, there are many ways: directly punching on the fabric, easy to pull back and forth; In the form of the outer cloth bag, the front looks beautiful, but because of the large friction between the cloth and the rod, especially when the size of the cloth bag is similar to the diameter of the rod, it is more difficult to pull back and forth; The sling form is very simple and suitable for lighter fabrics; The way of lacing is also not easy to pull, suitable for windows that are not usually used for decoration. It is recommended to buy the curtain ring, which is easy to open and convenient to disassemble and change. Five, the color of the curtains, the curtains in the study are better in neutral and cold colors. The bedroom should choose smooth color, static color curtains, so that the room looks elegant and not cold and cheerless. In the restaurant, yellow and orange can stimulate appetite, while White has a clean feeling. When the color contrast between the ground and the furniture is strong, the ground color can be selected as the center; When the contrast between the ground color and the furniture color is weak, the furniture color can be selected as the center; If the color of the ground and the color of the furniture cannot be used as a reference, the color of the curtain can also be selected according to the color of the light. The orange warm color light can be matched with the cold color system such as rice White and fruit Green, the milky white neutral light system can be selected with warm colors such as beige, light coffee and light red. Sixth, the Roman curtain is suitable for small windows, because the fabric on the market is generally 1. The width of, so the window width of the Roman curtain is preferably 1. Below, no seams in the middle, just buy the length when buying cloth. For rooms with fast light changes, Roman blinds should be used. The hem position of the curtains can be adjusted by hand to control how much light enters the room. If there is furniture in front of the window, you can also install a Roman curtain because it does not occupy space and will not affect the placement of items in the room. The Roman curtain is also suitable for hexagonal rooms. In such a house, the windows will be divided into several parts. The Roman curtain can ensure a good connection between each curtain. 7. Accurately measure the amount of cloth, and accurately measure it. It not only predicts the amount of cloth purchased, but also makes the curtains more beautiful in terms of details. It is recommended to use a metal ruler for measurement. Whether it is a rail installation or a curtain rod, the hem of the curtain should be 15 cm above the window sill. More windows on both sides of the Curtain itself 15-20 cm, so it looks good. When measuring the width, do not measure the window itself, but measure the curtain rod or track. If the curtain is opened on both sides, remember that the overlapping part needs to be reserved in the middle, which takes about 2. 5 cm. The length of the curtain needs to be determined according to the position of the hem. If it is on the window sill, the distance is 1. 25 cm, 15 cm more under the windowsill, and the hem of the floor style is 1. On the ground. 5 cm is fine.
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