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Shutter curtain and what about the price?

by:Pacific     2020-05-16
Shutter curtain price influencing factors compared with the traditional open jewels around the curtain, because the shutter Windows under the condition of the same size of the window, the use of material is less than the traditional, so the price is relatively cheap. Different types of shutter curtain rod also can have different prices, the same specifications drop-down steel-ball shutter curtain is the cheapest in three kinds of curtains, electric curtain shutter is more expensive. Is another factors influencing the price of the fabric, there are three kinds of commonly used fabric, one is the window type, often used for office Windows; But half shade type, you can see some light; 3 it is sunshine type, pervious to light. What are the fabrics shutter curtain? Sunshine fabrics: common for polyester, polyester and PVC synthetic fabrics, woven for the use of special methods, fabric has a small pinhole sample small eye, named after the deep part of the sun can be pervious to light fabric, also known as perspective fabric, suitable for general office, pervious to light shutter can see the scenery outdoor sunshine fabrics, and can effectively block ultraviolet ray, is widely used in office environment. Due to the particularity of the fabric material, generally for the fire retardant fabric. Half shading fabric: can block the look, see indoor and outdoor landscape characters, but there is light. For the most common half shading fabric, can effectively block ultraviolet light effect, but the transmission of light is the sun fabric is a bit poor. The shading fabric: can be divided into TuBaiQuan shading, silver full shading, the coating full shading, etc. Applicable to the sun is very strong, or you need to complete darkness environment, such as bedroom and video conference room, while the western Windows environment, etc. Due to its good sunscreen insulation material itself, is also a kind of one of the most common choice office curtains. Sunshine fabric features a needle holes, it can make some sunlight so hence the name, is commonly used in the office. Indoors can see the scenery outdoor through shutter can effectively block ultraviolet light. Some businessmen in order to attract customers in terms of price, the fabric of the price quoted was very low, but a lot of accessories are not included. About 120 yuan/square: the price is more normal, it includes all costs. Half shading fabric main characteristic is to protect privacy, and there is a certain light. Can make indoor and outdoor scene is not see characters, and does not completely block the light. For indoor insufficient light, and there is need to protect privacy, half shading fabric is the best choice. Price, generally speaking half shading fabric fabric more expensive than the sun, will be about 140 yuan/square, also is just a general orientation, must according to the specific situation. All shading fabric as literal meaning, completely opaque, its reason is coated with a layer of reflective material. Have all silver TuBaiQuan shading and shading, mainly is suitable for the sun is very strong office occasions, or need to fully light environment, such as some meeting room need projector for the meeting, you need light environment. Because the shading fabric material is good, so the shading effect is good, not only the heat insulation effect is quite good, part of the summer can help enterprises reduce electricity costs. Material price is relatively more expensive, of course, the shading fabric is generally in more than 160 yuan/square. Shutter curtain installation method 1, measurement window frame. 2, measure and determine the location of the installation code. 3, fixed installation code. 4, place the shutter curtains in the right place. 5, retaining screw. Note: to pack up all must first turn shutter curtain to vertical, with metope again pull up; To midway or finally stopped, then the rope 45 degrees to the right, the whole picture of curtain will automatically fasten.
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