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Shutter Windows how to cleaning?

by:Pacific     2020-07-14
How shutter window cleaning: 1, the shutter not like ordinary drape clean convenient, can put in the washing machine to clean, it is in the finished product customization shutter, very resistant to remove, not professionals had better not optional operation. Without removing state of cleaning, you just need to simple clean dust on the surface of the curtain, can clean with dry cloth or a feather duster. If you want to clean, can clean up the dust on the surface of the first, open the fabrics, clean with a sponge dipped in neutral detergent, using a soft brush again, and rinse off with clear water, then dry. In order to keep the shutter curtain rod clean for a long time, may be appropriately fantasy polish. 2, remove the cleanup, shutter received first rotating shaft, and then open the liang on the left side of the little swan removal, unload the shutter of the upper and lower beam, out flat on the floor, pour the water containing detergent, soak a few minutes, with the brush cleaning, clean with water, remember do not fold. This method is suitable for ordinary draw bead type shutter curtains. 3, spring shutter, electric shutter cleaning requires a certain technology professionals, in order to avoid damage spring, motor parts, is not recommended to clean. 4, after the removal must be clean thoroughly, can use warm water to dissolve some detergent, dry in ventilated place after use cotton swab, but not in the sun exposure, lest make the curtain. Shutter how invisible screen window shutter invisible screen window washing disassembly method: 1, the shake handshandle of invisible screen window place slightly out of 10 centimeters. Then slowly pull out on the screen drum of the home. 2, some invisible screen window that parts with a hook. As long as you pull out the hook. It's the same reason. 3, after take out the screen drum. To move the handle in the root of aluminium alloy. 4, must be careful when yarn nets don't get stuck to the bottom, gauze burst. 5, the screen window when they are washed out. Pull out after you can see the drum inside a circular tube. Then take a cloth to plug it to the drum. Invisible screen window cleaning steps: on top plane to wash, can put some detergent scrub with the brush. Dust: first with a soft brush gently brush away the dust, on the two sides with two sponge or plastic foam, dip in some detergent solution or soap water, holding a piece of one hand, from the two sides in the same part of the screen, top-down first, and then left to right to wipe; Finally, wiping gently dip in water, so clear away all the dust on the screen window can be. Oil dirties, spread the floor in the kitchen more layers of old newspapers, roll back to the screen off, and in the above we put old newspapers, in the hard blow, such as wooden spoon above make the most of the oil stick on the old newspapers, repeatedly viscous oil in a newspaper. Until most of the oil pollution is the newspaper stick out, with a wire brush brush with detergent around, finally clean with wet dishcloth, and coated with a little oil rust. Shutter window maintenance methods: shutter: shutter generally difficult to open it, therefore can only directly on the shutter dip in detergent to clean. When cleaning if the dust is too much, then can use soft brush to remove dust, reoccupy clear water is swabbed clean. You can also spray some polish, can make shutter insist for a long time to clean. If long time do not use the shutter curtain rod, will cause dust accumulation, effect the beauty of the shutter, so the usual to pull the curtain rod. In everyday use, we will strictly according to the use of the shutter operation, do not pull hard, in order to avoid damage to the curtains. Shutter checked every year. Check the plate is installed in the entrance of the cave to shutter window cloth operation guide rail is clean, ever objects card inside? Because in the guideway and the shutter tend to accumulate a lot of dirt on the panel, or even fallen leaves, then you only need to arrange clean wipe with wet cloth.
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