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Silk curtain maintenance and matters needing attention

by:Pacific     2020-05-27
Silk curtain rod collocation technique 1, style collocation for silk curtains, the collocation that we say here is mainly refers to the silk curtain and the whole environment and furniture collocation. So first of all, we in the choose and buy and collocation silk curtains, you first need to consider a problem is the silk curtain style design. For silk curtains, general style has a lot of, have mounted, window curtain, Roman, water, etc. , all in the choice and match when they need to choose according to their actual needs. 2, colour collocation about how to collocation silk curtains, besides the collocation of the style which we know, there is a problem is the collocation of color. For every friend in the choose and buy a silk curtain products, everybody's first concern is whether the colour of the products is their favorite. Because the color will give us a strong visual feeling, also is the main factor that decided the first vision, when selecting a satin curtains collocation are commonly with the adjacent nearly the color of the furniture is given priority to. 3, pattern match due to decorate the style is different, every family general floor, metope, furniture design is divided into the simple, two. So we choose satin curtains collocation, you also need to pay attention to the collocation of design. If the overall environment of the design is not much in the home, or is not bright, then this time you can choose the same as color pattern is more distinct satin curtains to match. 4 collocation on silk curtains, style is tie-in, in addition to the above we know some of the problems, there is another factor is also very important. When you in choosing a silk curtain is tie-in, about the style of the products we also must have full understanding of, and what we choose silk curtain style, typically served with our home decoration, when silk curtain installed will not appear abrupt. 5, mix match for some young friends now, everyone's style itself all comparison like mix build, for this type of friends in the choice of silk curtain rod like individual character is tie-in, actually everybody must also to match has its own unique insights and understanding. So this time about the silk curtain selection and collocation, friends can according to your own style to choose different silk curtains for decoration. The choose and buy of silks and satins note 1, broken wires, hole: broken wires is silk warp/weft wire fracture. Thread head exposed sometimes, sometimes hidden, but can see the thin planes within the framework of the fabric. When there is more than two root or root warp/weft wire fracture, silken face appear rims of holes, this kind of defect not only affect beautiful influences use value. 2, double wire: two parallel silk warp yarn and weft weaving together. The appearance of the fabric surface is rough, coarse weft, light person generally does not affect use. 3, jump wire: the warp and weft yarn is not in conformity with the fabric structure, silken face longer float silk, the so-called jump wire. Long jump wire is broken wires, effect to use. 4, spider: silken face fabric SiDou appear to float silk or silk warp weft float more, this kind of defects not only affect the appearance, also affect the use. 5, broken edge: silk side with local lead failure, although grades decline, but to little effects on the production of the finished product. 6, warp/weft density uneven: silken face of warp and weft yarn density is uneven, cause the fabric appearance is not beautiful or oblique, the defects affect the garment production, but can be used for other costumes. 7, impurities or spot: silken face because of various reasons appear bug, sundry, mildew spot, water mark, grease, etc. Small insect, mildew spot is a serious defect affecting the quality of real silk fabrics, others can be used according to the specific circumstances and, especially the defects during the process of printing and dyeing, affect the appearance, more and had a little effects on the physical and chemical properties. Silk curtain maintenance note 1, brunet dress or silk fabrics should be separate to wash with light color. 2, avoid by all means use hot water washing over 30 degrees. 3, wash silks and satins, want to use acidic detergent or weak alkaline detergent, had better use silk special detergent. 4, it is better to hand washing, avoid by all means hard rub or use hard brush to wash, after rub with water cast net, squeeze out water, gently by hand or towel dry in the shade. 5, the collection, shall be clean, dry, fold the advisable, with a cloth, and in the ark, and should not be put camphor or naphthalene, etc.
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