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Sitting room how to choose the big door porch curtain curtain selection skills

by:Pacific     2020-06-25
Sitting room how to choose the big door porch curtain curtain selection techniques of large area, large family house for imposing manner, its style of people living in it without oppression constriction, large family of porch also is same. The curtain in the large family of interior decoration, plays a privacy, the use of light, decorate metope, sound-absorbing noise insulation effect. According to the seriousness of his role, the choice of the curtain and there are a lot of different combinations. 1 porch curtain knowledge. As we know, sound-absorbing noise reduction from the transmission of voice, high is the spread of the straight line, and the window for the high reflectivity of the glass is also very strong. Therefore, proper thickness of the curtain rod, can improve indoor sound effects; Thick curtain, too, have to absorb some noise from the outside, improve the interior sound environment. Porch curtain rod knowledge 2. Use light to protect privacy, actually still work by blocking the light. Here said the use of light, it is to point to in the protection of privacy cases, effective use of light. For example a 2 bedroom, everyone don't like to see the interior of people walking around outside the movements, but long-term pulling thick curtains and affect the natural lighting, so similar to the gauze shade of light curtain was born. Porch curtain knowledge. 3. Adornment metope curtains for many ordinary families, is the largest decorative wall. Especially for some simple decoration family of 4 white be born, except for a few picture frame, may curtain left the things on the wall. So, the color of the curtain, style, etc. , often plays an important role. Similarly, for households hardcover, appropriate curtain will make household more beautiful, more personality. Porch curtain knowledge 4. Privacy for a family, who all don't like their movements in the sight of others. In this sense, different indoor area, focus on the degree of privacy and have different standards. Sitting room public activity area, this kind of family members to the requirement of privacy are low, most of the family living room during the day, is drew the curtains so much in a state of decoration. For the area such as bedroom, bathroom, people not only require outside can't see, and even can't see the shadow. This is a different area to select different problems of the curtain. Sitting room we could choose the cloth with partial transparency, while the bedroom chooses thick qualitative cloth. In general, large family decorate the choice of the curtain is a very critical project. Both the owner and interior designer, it should be highly valued.
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