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Small family curtain selection techniques

by:Pacific     2020-06-22
For those who never useful to you in a year or two, but think may be useful in the future, you should not hesitate to throw them all away. Work out your prices, what does it mean to every square metre, abandon these things free up space, is actually greater wealth. Avoid window decoration, more unfavorable choose heavy curtain rod. Avoid the use of heavy curtain rod box of window, had better choose delicate curtain rod rod. Kitchen, bedroom, office should be in the same color of the wall paint or wallpaper, can make the space appears neat baptize. Soft adornment cloth art to concise style, colour appropriate quietly elegant, exaggerated color and design can make a tiny space seem more cramped. In narrow area of the bedroom, let the bottom-up softly light in the ceiling of the room, than from the top down point-blank lamplight is much more pleasant. Direct projection light on person face, can make the person feel dazzling, produce space feels and the depressive feeling. In the small bedroom, direct light source is only suitable for use in the workbench and the sides of the room. In the original narrow space place tall furniture items will make the room appears more small. So should choose to save space and does not have individual character of low furniture is advisable. When choosing furniture and adornment, want to grasp the principle of fewer but better. Delicate, even classical, only stand for a long time, close eyes.
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