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Sound insulation effect of curtain?

by:Pacific     2020-07-14
Sound insulation curtain effect more than 1, sound insulation curtain is used in places such as the cinema. But now more and more in some of the office place and some interior decoration. Since sound insulation curtains can be widely used, so my friends, do you think of sound insulation curtain useful? The answer is yes. Actually sound insulation curtain it is equivalent to the second floor of the double layer sound insulation window. Sound insulation curtains for 8 - 12 decibels of low frequency sound can be cut off. 2, sound insulation curtain is mainly composed of coil spring, cable, cable rose, roll axis, curtain box of window, curtain chute, etc. When sound insulation curtain through the above a variety of procedures, the window can be totally closed, in fact, the principle of sound insulation curtain is to use the curtain closed to achieve the effect of sound insulation. 3, some consumers are just buy soundproof curtains, may still feel useful sound insulation curtain. But in use after a period of time, if someone asked him sound insulation curtain is useful, he will say no sound insulation curtain. Usually, at this time of the sound insulation curtain useful it would be questioned by more and more people. Actually for sound insulation curtains, in addition to maintenance, clean is important. We just regular sound insulation of the curtain, clean, that is no more sound insulation curtain rod useful for this class of problems. What material sound insulation curtains well 1, chenille, best sound insulation curtain rod of chenille material sound insulation curtain effect, its biggest characteristics is the suede is very plump, draping effect is good, and chenille sound insulation curtain rod fabric thick, give a person a sense of atmosphere. 2, flocking sound insulation that planting velvet curtain sound insulation curtain is that it has the characteristics of a layer of special coating, flocking and sound insulation curtain surface have thin hair, this kind of fluff has sound insulation effect. In addition, flocking sound insulation curtain is very environmental protection, it is not easy to fade. 3, canvas sound insulation curtain canvas sound insulation curtains and flocking soundproof curtains, compared to its beautiful degree is slightly worse, but the sound insulation effect is good, sound insulation curtain the canvas can be isolated from the general demand of noise. If the curtain budget is lower, so the canvas sound insulation curtain is the best choice. 4, fiber material in front of the curtain and the curtain of three kinds of material in comparison, sound insulation effect is somewhat less. Fiber although compares massiness curtain, can have a better light blocking effect, but the pore fiber curtain itself, the surface is not smooth, can not effectively absorb noise, nor to reflect sound waves. Sound insulation curtains note 1, the curtain of sound insulation of choose and buy when the choose and buy, not only to understand the sound insulation material of the curtain, to know more about the making craft of sound insulation curtains and so on. Because of people's demand for sound insulation is different, so everyone in the choose and buy when, want to undertake choosing according to own actual situation. 2, good sound insulation curtain, it will be through the national quality testing, will not cause harm to human body, so the choose and buy, be sure to check the quality of sound insulation curtain. 3, the better the quality, its brand reputation is, the better, so you had better choose big brand, when the choose and buy to avoid buying inferior insulation curtains. Sound insulation curtain of cleaning and maintenance maintenance: 1, to make sound insulation curtain can normal work, should pay more attention to maintenance in the usual life. Because it has package shaft at the top of the curtain box of window, it must be regularly check to see if package shaft can rotate smoothly, can dry or stuck, frequent drops of oil lubrication. 2, in the same way, the sound insulation curtains have chute, up and down through the coil spring and fall or lasso rise lasso drive the move up and down of the curtain, should use the special lubricating oil to keep it smooth glide environment, will not get stuck. 3, avoid to use, when the wind is best can drop-down sound insulation curtain after closed the window, otherwise easy to damage the insulation curtains and fixed chute. 4, at ordinary times attention to dust removal, don't let the dust in the chute of the curtain, otherwise you'll be stuck, or damage to the curtains.
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