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Study curtain with what color

by:Pacific     2020-07-23
Study curtain color 1, and furniture color match the color of the curtain had better pay attention to the study of other furniture color, especially the color of the bookcase is very important, modern furniture to the overall coordination is more important, when choosing curtain color must look at the color of furniture, the best choice and the color of the furniture color match, so we can make the study better. 2, the color of the curtain to choose the color of fresh study, avoid flowery overly loud will give the user the feeling is very annoyed, to study and work is not helpful, so the best curtain color is to choose the color of fresh effect, the color on the overall effect will be better. 3, green more eye study with green curtain cloth is a good choice, because the green on the visual effect will be better, green can foil the environment of the study is better, in study or work is very tired when green is the color of a relaxed, can make better release of body and mind, is good for the eyes of readers. 4, light color will be better study curtain choose to compare the color of the light is good, because light color to set off the study better, but the light curtain shading effect is not very good, so the study of the shading is must be prepared, when choosing bed curtain can choose double curtain cloth, this not only shading effect is better, but also conducive to oxidation. 5, and study the overall when choosing study curtain color matching, matching and study the overall to because of the color of the curtains and the overall color is key of the study, the curtain and color matching to study the effect of the study can be made better. Study curtain selection considerations for 1, if out of the window are of glass curtain wall building, glass curtain wall will be the sunlight reflection into the house, such as the formation of light evil spirit, make the person mood swings, spirit has a problem, can be device gauze shade, and shade to sunset, because behind the glass curtain wall building only as a mirror, no ShaQi; If a neon light tube outside the window, be about to fall day and night curtain. 2, curtain too thick can reduce family reunions, luxuriant design will be a rare visitor phenomenon, plain or simple patterns is the best choice for household tracery. 3, partial dark north room, suitable for neutral slants cold tonal, elegant emotional appeal; Daylighting is good sun room, millet, red or yellow curtains are chosen, so that the light adjustment into tender astigmatism, coordination of Yin and Yang. 4, curtain rod as far as possible don't use pink, can make the person produces cranial nerve weakness, fear, anxiety, angry, and fight the inevitable often happen. In addition, the curtain with the ground to avoid red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple color is tie-in, lest produce bad psychological feeling.
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