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Summertime curtain of choose and buy

by:Pacific     2020-06-28
Summer how to choose the curtain? Summer length slightly longer than the windowsill of the curtain, in order to avoid the wind big lift curtain, Lou in the outside. According to the width of the curtain of the window width and decide, be sure to make it in harmony with the size of the wall. A narrow window should choose wide curtains, to live on both sides seem redundant metope. And the curtain is hit fold or with double, that want to choose according to individual be fond of. Pleating there is a kind of dynamic change of rhythm beauty; Double curtain inside and outside effect don't have a lasting appeal. Summer curtain pervious to light sex is stronger, commonly used color to light color fastens, such as light blue, white, green, etc. , except choose qualitative thin fabric material, gauze qualitative curtain is very popular in recent years is also very popular. If you want to achieve better air permeability, or want to see outside of the green landscape, elegant bamboo curtain and modern shutter shade is the best choice. How to choose the curtain rod summer orientation is 1, on the south side of the window curtain is well known, south to xiangyang, south-facing Windows daylighting really stick. But in the summer, south-facing Windows particularly fierce sunshine. Want to SayByebye and sunshine, pushing the curtain of polyester fiber material. The curtain rod of polyester fiber material, relative to the gauze shade, the density is higher, so the insulating shading effect is good, stays strong, the effect of heat from the sun of leverage. 2, north of window curtain was toward the north window, shaded aspect, from the south window, illumination time is short, so on the choice of the curtain material, should pay more attention to permeability is not shading and heat insulation. The curtain rod of flax material is a good choice, it has the permeability is strong, anti-fungal, not moldy, absorb moisture characteristics. So even if the summer rainy season weather, also is not afraid of your curtain grow mushrooms. 3, the curtain of my east window sun dongsheng west down, toward the east window is where the earlier receive the sunlight. If your bedroom window toward the east, so congratulations you, summer morning, not alarm clock wake you up, but the sun at 6 o 'clock. If you don't want to be sunshine harassment, sleep to nature to wake, you can install the curtain + double combination of semi-permeable gauze shade. Pull a curtain, immediate strong sun shade, build appropriate sleep environment, love sleep until what time not afraid of the sun to bother. Have a rest, want to listen to music, read a book on floating window. But to draw the curtains too dark, not too dry. On a layer of gauze shade at this time, let the strong light is no longer arbitrary, prevent bask in the dust came at the same time. 4, the west window curtain setting sun, although is very beautiful, but a western will make the room with a lot of heat. Especially in the summer, the strong sunlight damage furniture and the colour and lustre of wood surface. So for west to the bedroom, in addition to have the strong shading curtain, also can block ultraviolet shading on collocation in cloth. Shading cloth can reflect the sun's radiation, can have very good antiglare, uv and other effects, on which all the west window to heat insulation cooling!
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