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Sun room use ordinary curtain shade?

by:Pacific     2020-07-24
Most ordinary curtain only provide shading and adornment effect. For the curtain can achieve heat preservation, sound insulation sex almost no. Because the traditional housing itself and sun room are different to the requirement of the sun. Traditional housing need a quiet space, shading the curtain rod of high strength is preferred. Or the curtain can shine at the moment of the design for the bedroom. While sun room need not stop light but can cut off heat, harmful shading of the optical fiber products, also does not affect the best view. The curtain is not suitable for sun room, so ordinary home outfit can not reach the requirements of the sun room. Sun room with what honeycomb shade curtain good 1, honeycomb shade sunlight is produced by using a new type of non-woven fabrics of honeycomb, half a shading, shading, pervious to light many choices, honeycomb cloth is similar to the honeycomb has a close texture, used as a sun room curtain block uv, production can be very effective and easy to clean. Electrophoresis paint process using ceramic honeycomb shade, with a variety of colors and not easy to fade. In addition the curtain of this kind of material corrosion resistance, excellent heat dissipation, can provide good use effect. 2, ceiling curtain room because there is no wall of keep out sunshine, make whole space directly contact with the outside world, through the window curtain design can be a very good play the role of keep out light blocking wind. Ceiling curtain used polyester fiber as a raw material for making environmental protection, environmental protection material guarantee the indoor air, first of all, in health, natural, secondly there are various colors to choose from, you can create a different sun room adornment effect. By FTS, FSS, FCS three patterns, can adopt the way of manual or electric to use more convenient, also can be applied to various curtain form different external contours of the sun room. 3, hemp shutter is a natural YuanMa of linen shade adopts establishment, the curtain rod is very natural, healthy, and through pure manual compiled more close to nature. Sun room use hemp shutter can bring different aesthetic Angle of view, at the same time because of the hemp material can remove peculiar smell, when using the peculiar smell of the sun room can be gases adsorption, and can effectively keep out sunshine. Shutter and the function of the natural uv resistance, can be very good for human body keep out ultraviolet protection effect.
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