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The accessories of the curtain is tie-in

by:Pacific     2020-06-05
In order to guarantee good results, generally we will adopt the way of custom curtain accessories. On the order, you will find a lot of detail, be sure to understand clearly. by shade, accessories, accessories of three parts. Including the window curtain, window curtain rod body body, window screening. Decorate a window window curtain is an integral part of, usually made of same fabric as the window body. Style with tile, pleating, water waves, such as comprehensive style. Window accessories have tassel, tents, lace, lace, window inner lining cloth, etc. Accessories have side hook, belt, hook, window, balances, etc. Choose your need, accomplish know fairly well flat open the curtain is one of the most common style. Concise, without any decoration, size, random, suspension and lift, can apply to most of the Windows. Can according to the width of the window, the curtain design for a side between type and double side between type, usually with 1. 5 meters for dividing line reference. Lift the curtain curtain can lift to one side or both sides, the formation of soft arc, make good decorative effect, can also be a variety of optional collocation bind accessories. With shade head style of making up a bit more complicated, but adornment effect is better, it can keep out the curtain of a coarse rail and the gap between the curtain at the top and the roof, appear indoor more neat and beautiful. 【 The curtain rod accessories 】 Cohesion between the curtains and curtain rod, there are many ways: punch in the fabric directly, easy to pull back and forth; Outer bag, in the form of positive looks beautiful, but due to the high friction between fabric and rod, especially the bag size and the diameter of the rod, pull back and forth more difficult; Condole belt appears very simple, in a form suitable for the relatively thin cloth; Lace-up way also is not good, for at ordinary times often do not just decorative window. Suggest the best buy curtain ring, so easy to open and dismantling change also convenient. Special window is common in the homes, such as circular arc form, install the curtain is not convenient. Fortunately had to bend the orbit design, can let the shape of the curtains in the Windows, do fit, opening and closing is very easy. 【 The curtain accessories 】
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