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The advantages and disadvantages of Rome pole and track lever advantages and disadvantages

by:Pacific     2020-05-27
Rome pole vs track pole ( 1) What is Rome pole, pole? Roman rod: refers to the hang of the curtain rail, shaft cylinder, about 4 cm in diameter, length according to the size of the window, for gourd shape column head on both ends of the rod, have adornment effect, named after the deep similar to the style of the ancient Roman architecture. curtain rod shaft level fixed in the window above, stem fluted slippery course, pole position ring, ring on the pulley on the slide motion, drive the curtains close. Track bar: track bar is a kind of used for hanging curtains, so that the opening and closing of curtain, also can increase the curtain cloth art beautiful curtain accessories. Many varieties and divided into two big series light rail and dark rail. Ming has a wooden pole, aluminum alloy rod, steel pipe pole, wrought iron rod, plastic rod, such as common form is the lever. Dark rail with nano orbit, aluminum alloy orbit, and mute orbit, texture model steel, iron, copper, wood, aluminum and other materials, in addition, in recent years a new rise a serpentine shade curtain track, mainly in Europe and Taiwan, Japan and other regions. ( 2) Rome pole, pole Roman rod installation and installation conditions: check the Roman rod head, bearings, rings and its decoration the sex, measurement of the Roman bar length, the width of the window. To install the pedestal as standard, draw lines to support localization and the hole position. Three bearing, in the middle of the bearing is located in the center of the window or wall, both ends must be equidistant. At the ends of the bearing left wall is about 1520 cm or rod end 5 - to leave Rome 10cm。 Perforating depth is 44. 5 cm, punch can't run eye, skew, note: away from electrical wires, water pipes. After punching, plastic expansion pipe into the hole. Bearing with self tapping fastening; Rings set into the bar, rings in two, leave 1 - at each end Two rings; Put the rod into open bearing, adjust, make adornment head on both ends the distance of the left wall. Curtains to wear good hook, hook fork into the rings on the other side of the hole; About opening and closing the curtains, check whether two curtain sliding is flexible, etc. Otherwise, the fine tuning. To do: track bar with the first step is to measure good height, when the window wide to 1200 mm, the curtain track to disconnect, to simmer bending stagger and simmer bending should be flat curve, the length of the lap joint shall not be less than 200 mm. Ming curtain box of window first commonly installed orbit, the heavy curtain rail to add machine screw, dark curtain box of window, in contrast to the bright curtain box of window, is usually installed orbit, after heavy curtain rail small Angle to encrypt spacing, use wood screw specifications shall not be less than 300 mm. rail fixed connection, to pull rod or wire mount and fixed parts, be sure to do it right, with room for agreement. If it is installed double curtain track, the curtain rail base width should be more than 15 cm, monorail everyone according to actual condition can be reduced appropriately. Install curtain track, shall release the width of the window, and adjust the good location, hang curtain when will not be blocked, and appear the curtain is not beautiful, especially the curtain on floor or hanging on the surface of the window curtain. rail is fixed on the wall, so request wall body is hollow, or stick a face when drilling will burst. Generally need to use percussion drill a hole on the wall plug wood, again the orbit is fixed on the wood. ( 3) Roma pole pole advantages: the advantages and disadvantages of Rome pole is horizontal type, shaft cylinder, the stem buckle or rings, is commonly used in pole is the ends of the cylinder. Has a strong view and admire a gender, level is high in appearance, convenient disassembly. Roman rod faults: Rome pole is generally long, bearing performance is not complete, easy to bend, in use should be considered when the weight of the curtain rod. ( 4) Track rod rod advantages and disadvantages of orbital advantages: the price of this track bar for the first wasn't high price cheap, smoked pull smooth. Rod faults: orbits exposed easily, affect the beautiful sex, remove is not very convenient.
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