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The balcony curtain how to choose

by:Pacific     2020-05-12
The balcony curtain tip 1, balcony curtain design and color selection: even if the same kind of fabric, design and color can be varied. Choose close to the design and color of choose, has a great influence in the form of design. The mass-tone attune of the curtain should suit with indoor mass-tone phase. Complementary color or kind close color are allowed, but contrast of changes in temperature is a no-no. Modern design can choose plain coloured curtain; Elegant design can choose the curtain of shallow grain; Rural style can choose the curtain of small grain; And luxurious design can use plain coloured curtain or big flower. 2, the balcony curtain rod model selection: in terms of style, the curtain of general cubby should to compare compact model had better, avoid makes space for the curtain and appear more narrow space. And to big bedroom, criterion appropriate introduces easier, air, delicate model. 3, the balcony curtain size selection: the width dimension of the curtain, must according to the size of the window and structure. Compare a window with two side commonly each are wide it is advisable to give 10 centimeters or so, bottom depends on the window style, short form curtain also should at windowsill bottom line 20 centimeters advisable; Be born curtain, should be apart from the ground commonly 2 ~ 3 cm. 4, the balcony curtain fabric choice: used as the curtain cloth there are many kinds of choices, below the performance characteristics of a brief introduction of related material: light, thin, transparent or translucent cloth, such as cotton, polyester cotton blended fabric, glass yarn, fine mesh fabric, lace and voile, etc. Medium thickness of opaque cloth, such as fancy weave cotton cloth, nylon and its blended fabric, poor mesh cloth; Sliding surface cloth, if brush smooth calico, antique satin, silk and cotton moire, etc. Balcony curtain to choose what kind of material good 1, aluminum alloy shutter curtain aluminum alloy shutter curtain by trapezoidal nylon cord, the aluminum magnesium alloy series of hundreds of pages, and it is a kind of can adjust the curtain of light to enter, the perspective of the plates can be simultaneously 180 & deg; , according to the need of the light and shade and the size of the ventilation rate, pull the nylon rope adjust at will. Installation method: the side. Used on conventional profiles installation, because more convenient installation, firm. The installation. Mounted with the air, it is in not installed on the side of the window frame under the condition of the commonly used a method of installing it is higher than side install difficulty, with less so. Hundreds of pages in the window curtain rod, should be released 20 - to each side of the height direction 30 ㎜, height direction when installation, on the above window frame about 100 ㎜, specific how many can be selected according to actual condition. To install the shutter curtain inside window frame, should press high, wide each minus 20 ㎜ window frame. 2 vertical curtain, brocade brocade vertical curtain series including brocade and brocade PVC series. Made of non-woven fabric, silk linen textile said brocade series, with a soft texture, elegant, soft, rich colors, etc. After spraying, PVC in the tapestry, said brocade PVC series, it of both hard and soft materials, novel and unique, has the characteristics of both the brocade warmth downy and PVC plastic crisp not pervious to light. Brocade vertical curtain installation is basically the same as the aluminum alloy shutter curtain installation, open and close can be electric, manual, electric computer remote control ( Mainly used for curtain tall) , it can also be 180 & deg; Around the corner. 3, LCD glass curtain LCD glass from the outside is a kind of glass is installed on the window, not electricity ACTS as ordinary glass, glass after the power supply becomes white, both sides of the glass are not perspective, and can absorb more than 30% uv, infrared control 70%, equivalent to a curtain, but does not need the other put the curtain rod, therefore calls the LCD glass curtain, mainly used in, drawing room, villa, is a very fashionable adornment. How high the balcony curtain appropriate balcony window if it is a French window, then you can choose full of wall and floor, at the top to select side or top mounted on top. Because usually the French window of the balcony commonly daylighting sex is stronger, the curtain of suit to install a big present atmosphere, beautiful, grade, such as from the altar or wall along with lack of the atmosphere. If it is halfway up the balcony window is a window, is the wall under the window there are many, the general advice to the window down to 10 - - - - - - - The top 15 cm, usually loaded with windowsill along. Generally, the type and area of the window are left in area of the wall, the upper customers will do a lot of condole top, make metope adornment, dryer and so on, in this case, is not appropriate to do cover metope, curtain is given priority to with small and exquisite and practical, with simple, delicate and practical advisable.
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