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The balcony curtain track how to install?

by:Pacific     2020-05-22
The balcony curtain track installation techniques on the balcony curtain can block the light not only, and can guarantee the illicit close sex of the master. Then, the balcony curtain track how to install? Next, small make up will introduce you to the balcony curtain track installation techniques, fast and have a look. Balcony curtain balcony curtain rail positioning: line drawing positioning accuracy relates to the success or failure of the curtain installation, first measured well fixed pitch, and required to install the size of the orbit. General arc window and balcony are installed in arbitrary curved track, as long as soft when measuring tape along the window or the radian measure the actual size of the balcony, and then according to the installation of the curtain the actual need to determine the actual length of the track. The balcony curtain rod installation balcony curtain rail size: 1, curtain rails and rods have single, double or three orbits. When the window wide to 1200 mm, the curtain rail should be disconnected, disconnect simmer bending stagger, simmer bending should be flat curve, lap length not less than 200 mm. Ming is common curtain box of window first orbit. Should add heavy curtain rail machine screw; Ann's orbit should be dark curtain. Heavy curtain rod rail small Angle should be encrypted spacing, wood screw specifications not less than 30 mm. 2, to install lifting clamp, the clamp rotated 90 degrees, linking to the orbit with a self tapping screw lifting clamp installed on the roof. If it is a concrete structure, need to expand the self-contained silk. Install the curtain rod: 1, the correct connection fixed pieces, rod or wire, pull on the fixing parts. Be flat, elevation consistent with room. 2, installation standards curtain rail ( Dual track) , the base width should be 15 cm or more commonly, monorail according to appropriate reduction. Adjust the balcony curtain track position: floor curtains or hang the curtain rod of mesa, install rail should be give up when the width of the window, avoid awkward curtain droop when blocked and.
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