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The characteristics of neo-classical style curtain is what?

by:Pacific     2020-06-19
Neoclassical style features at the core characteristics of neo-classical style of the curtain is god well-knit, attaches great importance to the adornment effect of the show, show the way is to use modern techniques and modern technology, reduction of classical features. Used in the curtain is not deliberately pursue classical process, to use modern technology and materials, designs the curtains have dual aesthetic combination of classical and modern decoration. When choosing a new classical style of the curtain material in modern all kinds of commonly used materials, should choose more texture, such as hemp qualitative, velvet, silk and so on, this kind of material texture is better. For color and design, can be biased towards classicism, can also receive the furniture photograph echo of the space, mainly composed of atmosphere, such as gold, warm red, brown can reflect classic lasting appeal. New classical style curtain how to choose? 1, the bedroom is on the top of the sound insulation of the curtain light insulation requirements is the bedroom, because the main function of the bedroom is bed and rest, so the curtains of the bedroom can choose dark solid-colored curtain, edge decorated with small golden tassels modelling, and showily paper art bed collocation are together, is the most perfect new classical style. Brunet department, if you like, of course, also can choose light color fastens, is comfortable on the back but it is best to take the UV resistant, such ability can effectively shade sound insulation. Bedroom just need enough light and breathable, so as to guarantee the high quality sleep, so a window and curtains are best designed floor, showily, daylighting is good. 2, the sitting room living room as the main place that receive a visitor, most of the time must be bright and clean, so can't choose the color and texture are particularly solemn heavy curtain. Such as in an ivory white color is new classic, in the sitting room tea table and sofa will generally choose the darker color to highlight, so relatively, the curtain can choose the color of the color in between, such as light brown, material can choose thicker, summer sun exposure can be used to shade when strong, compare the ChaoRao outdoor also can play a sound insulation effect. Out again with a relatively thin layer of white gauze curtain, also can keep out ultraviolet rays and dust, when want to bask in the winter. This double curtain design is not only practical, also very elegant, very accord with my favorite new classical style. New classical collocation technique 1 curtain, color white, golden, yellow, dark is the mass-tone attune of the common in the Europe type style, a small amount of white mix, make the color look bright, generous, make whole space gives a person with an open and tolerant stature, let a person do not cramped. So the neoclassicism style curtain rod multi-purpose golden in colour and dark is thick, with a little white soft, bright and light, also can apply the colour is gorgeous and generous, is strongly feel traditional marks and rich culture. 2, material suede material to curtain is a kind of massiness, often in the past, a lot of classical use suede material as the curtain fabrics. Neoclassical using modern technique and material reducing household classic temperament, so on the curtain material, should not do too much limitation, whether it is cotton, linen, wool, or polyester, each have each advantages, modern technology will make polyester fabric under way, therefore, in the material choice, we have more choice. 3 and the neoclassical style don't save, retained the Louis xiv style lines, in addition to the line is too multifarious adornment; Retain the details, but however much detail heap that lose focus. On design, therefore, in addition to the most common simple type, there are many shade head design, and the shade head shape is not too heavy and complicated, but the combination of modern contracted wind, still can be strongly felt the traditional history and rich culture, is the perfect eclectic style of the neoclassicism. 4, design the neoclassicism style, pay attention to the heritage of classical culture, therefore, rococo, baroque style in the design pattern is a choice, and abandoned the past classical complex texture and decorative, simplify the line. Therefore, the curtain of the neoclassicism style pattern on the style with both nostalgic classic luxury and modern fashion contracted.
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