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The choose and buy of the curtain track strategy

by:Pacific     2020-05-30
The curtain is an important item of home decoration, how collocation and choose always lets a person very busy. Very not easy to choose the curtain cloth art that oneself like, only to find no suitable processing track. This makes people have a headache! So, the choose and buy of small make up for everyone to analysis some curtain track strategy. 【 Small make up recommend 】 · The curtain brand & middot; The curtain pictures & middot; Shutter curtain & middot; Sound insulation curtain & middot; The Venetian blinds & middot; prices a box, there is curtain track if households with curtain box, the choice of the ordinary curtain rail can, because the average curtain track not only moderate price, and high fastness, not easy to damage, but also to use more smooth, easy to pull. But if your cloth curtain to choose thicker material, such as cotton and linen series, or use the double craft, then need to select the orbit of bearing force better, if you are a Europe type window, there is a big window curtain of the curtain, which can make when combined with both male and female buckle to install, or choose the curtain rail. Two, no box curtain track if no curtain box, the designer generally recommended to install the curtain rod or wrought iron bar, this kind of curtain rod appearance more beautiful, more material for wood and metal, in order to cloth art the warmth and coordination of the curtain, generally choose the wood family, this kind of curtain rod rod prices generally higher than normal orbit, and smooth degree is not very good, if home thick curtain, also easy to cause the rod bent, but in the Europe type style is very suitable for family, as a whole is very beautiful, can be cloth art the effect of the curtain show more obvious. If the choice is not very thick curtain cloth art home can choose this kind of accessories. Conclusion: select appropriate curtain track not only need to see a box or no box, more important also depends on the specific material of the curtain, the curtain cloth art style and household decorates match the overall effect of the photograph. The most practical or want to consider the bearing capacity of the curtain track, beautiful certainly can have the best of both worlds. Company is a collection research and development design, production and sales of window decoration link curtain, curtain track and art bar tracery product such as professional manufacturer for 11 years. Professional foundry, 2 professional electroplating production line, machining and polishing workshop, a advanced coating production line, finished product packaging workshop and three specialized warehouses, covers an area of 20000 square meters. With ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification. And has international innovative thinking of research and development team, modern management methods and all of them in fine specification xu up people's struggle together, the company has developed into a set design, production and sales integration of brand. Diversified product has sold throughout the country, southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe and the United States and other regions. Xu liters ( Fujian) Window decoration co. , LTD. Website: WWW. cnxuesheng。 Com address: jinjiang city of fujian province town of pit, goats development zone ( The road 212 kilometers) of fuzhou Alibaba: https://xusheng9099. 1688. com/
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