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The choose and buy oil curtain?

by:Pacific     2020-05-19
Oil of choose and buy 1, when choosing the kitchen curtain, curtain material properties should be given priority, because it is Fried explosion lampblack, so the oil separation waterproof curtain rod must have a good and easy to clean the function of magnesium aluminum alloy blinds, pinhole aluminum alloy blinds, easy to clean, not easy to change color characteristics of the mould be kitchen curtains good choice; Simple and relatively resistant to dirty shutter is also suitable for use in the kitchen; Don't like modern window accessories, single like traditional drape, so preferably choose easy to wash and withstand steam, oil pollution of curtain fabrics. 2, in the aspect of the curtain design and color, as far as possible simple and fluent, colour lively. In a word, when the choose and buy the kitchen curtain, don't forget: function and beauty, one also cannot little. Oil characteristics with kitchen curtain can not only of the curtain shade can also beautify the kitchen decorate, but need to face a real problem: cooking in the kitchen will produce a lot of lampblack, the curtain will produce a great damage, so we will not install the curtain, the answer can be installed, but we should choose some suitable curtain type, such as the shutter curtain, shade with systolic function, can be rolled back when not needed, when needed, can put it down, practicality is greatly enhanced. Oil curtain material kitchen curtain recommend choosing aluminum shutter shade. Large kitchen lampblack, damp, general cloth curtain is easy to dirty, change color over time, can use life is short, shutter is the most practical.
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